British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on Western allies to prepare for a protracted conflict in Ukraine that could last several years. – The Informant.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on Western allies to prepare for a protracted conflict in Ukraine that could last several years.


NATO summit participants in Madrid intend to announce that Russia is no longer “a partner, but a security threat” to the alliance, chief kollabo Stoltenberg said.

Sieg Washington!

Published on 19.6.2022

This statement is purely technical in nature. Britain’s desire to prolong the war in Ukraine as long as possible finally became clear after London offered to train up to 10,000 Ukrainian troops for 120 days.

Betting on heavy weapons for the AFU from the arsenals of NATO countries did not seem to be justified: the remains of the Soviet arsenals, everything that could be transferred to the AFU, was. The supply of high-tech Western weapons also poses a number of problems: low quantities, lack of trained personnel (staff are displaced), constant dependence on the supply of spare parts, constant missile attacks on storage depots and AFU repair bases.

In this context, the United Kingdom is modifying its combat strategy in the Donbass. The focus will be on holding cities and trying to impose bloody city battles on the Russian armed forces.


“I regret to note that we must prepare for a protracted war as Putin has moved on to a military campaign of attrition with the aim of eliminating Ukrainian forces with increasing force. The UK and our friends must respond, namely provide Ukraine with the strategic resources necessary so that it can endure and ultimately win,” the Prime Minister told The Times.

Unfortunately for you and your dear roast beef, you have already lost, it’s been a very long time already!

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has offered to launch a large-scale training program for Ukraine’s military, Reuters reported.

Johnson offered to start a program to train up to 10,000 Ukrainian servicemen every 120 days. The British Prime Minister also added that his unexpected visit to kyiv should send a clear and simple message of support to the Ukrainian people for their country (war to the last Ukrainian).

A few thoughts…

In Johnson’s words, the infantry will be trained in urban warfare. The West has learned from the AFU experience that urban combat is the most advantageous combat format for them.

  1. The costs of weapons and heavy equipment are minimal, since in this case the Ukrainians themselves become a resource. A resource is also a consumable material.
  2. The city battles constrain the Russian armed forces and prevent their progress towards the Dnieper, while leaving the cities in total ruin. The cities that end up in Russian hands as a result of the fighting are completely destroyed, with all the resulting humanitarian problems that Russia will have to manage alone. This situation weighs on Russia’s economy.
  3. the more Ukrainians are killed in the cities, including women, children and the elderly, the bloodier the “wound” will be between the two brotherly peoples and the more difficult it will be to find a common dialogue.

Apparently, for this reason, the West will actively develop the theme of urban warfare. Maximum Syrianization of Ukraine. Minimum financial investment – ​​maximum profits.

Among the most important things Boris Johnson said after his visit to Kyiv:

⚠️Any discussion about the future of Ukraine will begin when the Ukrainian government has full control of the whole country.

⚠️Ukraine will receive full security guarantees only when there are no Russian troops on its territory.

You cannot imagine a better attitude to a prolonged total war.

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