Zelensky ordered the destruction of all Ukrainian state documents related to Metabiota, all documents are gone and there is no evidence. We have two words for you. – The Informant.

Zelensky ordered the destruction of all Ukrainian state documents related to Metabiota, all documents are gone and there is no evidence. We have two words for you.

Published on 18.6.2022

Many people have contacted us, fearing that since Zelensky ordered the destruction of all Ukrainian state documents related to Metabiota, all documents have disappeared and there is no evidence. We have two words for you:


We know it’s easy to get distracted by photos of Hunter with crack pipes, middle-class prostitutes, and inflatable Pokémon dolls; but the real juice is in the Metabiota emails on that laptop and all the dirty business with Ukraine.

This fool had all the information about the whole biological network in Ukraine on his personal devices. And we know that Russia has seen it all. How do you think Russia knew where to look for the black site bio labs? Russia had all this information and evidence of Ukrainian state involvement long before they launched a missile.

All the Ukrainians did by burning these documents was TO CONFIRM their complicity and culpability in these crimes against humanity. Who burns documents en masse unless they have something to hide?


Special military operation in Taiwan. “Non-war related” military operations. Hold on, hold on, how strange, Xi Jinping how are youl EXHIBIT American BIOLABS on Taiwanese soil? BIOLABS linked to USA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, SWITZERLAND, …

A short summary on the Biolabs: BioClandestine of June 14, 2022.

Read here to understand NCBI.gov Reports:

Written by “Clandestine” thank you.

“Now that I’ve had time to digest my research on Nicaragua, I went back and looked at the NIH.gov appendix on biolabs in ‘low-resource countries.’

And oh man, there is JUICE in this document. I will list all the countries that I found interesting other than Nicaragua and Nigeria which I covered earlier.

Bangladeshi – there are 4 BSL-2 laboratories listed. One funded by the US CDC, 2 funded by USAID, one funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and one is also funded by the OIE which is the World Organization for Animal Health. Keep in mind the Russian military’s emphasis on veterinary laboratories. The Deep State using animals as vectors to spread pathogens.

Democratic Republic of Congo – there is 1 BSL-3 laboratory funded by the US government through the President’s Malaria Initiative.

Egypt – there are 1 BSL-2 lab and 1 BSL-3 lab listed, BSL-3 is directly funded by the US DoD through US Navy Medical Research. Keep in mind that Russia has accused US Navy research elements of being involved in the biological network in Ukraine. Think Walter Reed and Fort Detrick.

Ethiopia – there are 5 BSL-3 laboratories listed. One is funded by the US government, one is funded by the World Bank, and the others are funded by other countries or unknown funds. My question is, why the hell does the World Bank have a BSL-3 bio lab in Ethiopia?

Georgia – there is 1 BSL-3 listed which is funded by the US government. 8 huge BSL-3 labs with no data listed. Georgia has been the source of numerous accusations from Russia in the past regarding the creation of biological weapons by the United States, dating back to 2014.

Ghana – there are 5 BSL-3 laboratories in Ghana. With a strong presence of American and Canadian funding.

Haiti – there are 3 BSL-3 labs, all of which are fully funded by the US government. The CDC, NIH, Armed Forces. Huge American presence in Haiti. Think of the Clinton Foundation.

India – there are 44 BSL-3 labs in India and 1 BSL-4 lab, which is funded by WHO. There are no nefarious details to report here. India has a population of 1.4 billion, so this number of labs is not as wild as one might think. But I would like to point out that India has done a much better job of stopping the spread of C19 and has a very different approach than the western hemisphere. They prescribed a cocktail of preventative drugs including ivermectin. It’s funny how there is no US involvement and India has been logical and successful. Imagine that.

Indonesia – there are 22 BSL-3 labs listed, 8 veterinary labs and 10 unknowns. Many of them are funded by the US government, the Japanese government, and the Indonesian government.

Kenya – there are 9 BSL-3 laboratories, funded by the US Army Medical Research Unit.

Ukraine – there are 4 BSL-3 labs listed in Ukraine which are part of the FSU (Former Soviet Union Thread Reduction). According to the NIH, “No funding described.” Think Hunter Biden.

There are many more countries than what I have listed. Please search for yourself. This is just a glimpse of the type of network we are dealing with and the overall scale of US biological capabilities around the world.

I don’t know how it is cleaned, if it is cleaned or if it will be bloody or not. But I can assure you that humanity will not survive on our current path. The world needs to be fixed, and I feel that will happen soon. »

I was so focused on the present, that I neglected the past. I can’t believe it took me so long to make that final connection…

Given what we now know about the biological network in Ukraine facilitated by the DNC, it is MUCH easier to understand why the Democrats in Congress absolutely lost their minds when Trump made a phone call to Ukraine…

I’m beginning to understand that the reason Congress impeached Trump over Ukraine…was to cover up Trump’s discovery of DNC biological activity in Ukraine, deterring further contact.

As soon as Trump started snooping around Ukraine and talking about Hunter, the Democrats, the media, the social media, the big tech companies launched an all-out assault to impeach Trump over a phone call. Meanwhile, the Democrats, big business and non-governmental foundations, all had direct dealings with the Ukrainian government to manufacture BIOWEAPONS, to then unleash them on the planet, to steal elections and implement the globalism under the guise of public health, combined with the greatest propaganda/brainwashing campaign in history. There are two weights, two measures…

If Trump was impeached for a meaningless phone call to Ukraine, what can we expect from Joe Biden for committing crimes against humanity, killing millions and facilitating a bioweapons network in Ukraine?

Notice how the enemy squirms when someone approaches to talk about their biological network? They impeached Trump for asking about Ukraine. The media/Big Tech censored the Hunter laptop story and spread misinformation that Metabiota’s dirty deal emails weren’t real. They censored me and everyone else who spoke about biolabs and spread misinformation claiming there were no US-funded biolabs in Ukraine. They heavily censored any discussion of the origin of C19 and branded anything that didn’t fit the narrative “Covid misinformation” to keep the sheep from finding out that C19 came from a US-funded lab.

They spend so much ammunition to keep this secret, because they know the consequences if it gets out.

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