This photo of Macron and Zelensky in kyiv is worth the detour – L’Informateur.

This photo of Macron and Zelensky in kyiv is worth seeing.

One photo, a thousand words…

Published on 18.6.2022 by Reuters

This photo of Macron and Zelensky in kyiv is worth the detour

We have no more words. Our vocabulary, which we thought was extensive, struggles to allow us to qualify the ridiculousness of this photo below.

Going to kyiv, Emmanuel Macron wanted to send several messages, but probably not those imagined by Internet users. This Thursday, June 16, the French President traveled to Ukraine, accompanied by the Italian Prime Minister and the German Chancellor, to meet Volodymir Zelensky.

After a joint press conference, during which the three leaders said they were ready to “immediately” grant EU candidate status to the country victim of the Russian invasion, Emmanuel Macron and his Ukrainian counterpart spent several seconds to shake hands. A way to stage France’s support for Ukraine. And to allow the journalists present on the spot to make the images of use.

It’s Trudeau who’s going to be jealous now…

Hats off to Ludovic @ludovic_marin for the picture.

One of them, captured by AFP photographer Ludovic Marin, made the front page of The Republican Eastbut also the happiness of the imagination of some on social networks.

As you can see below, several Twitter regulars relate this scene to a meme well known to Internet users, which features two young people in a nightclub.

Others imagine less diplomatic tables, but just as teasing.

Later, The Macron effect… as Macron had fiddled with Zelensky here he is now in full erection, see for yourself he couldn’t take it anymore… Or did he just play the piano for Macron?? Photo not faked.

bit.s competition in kyiv? (France in great difficulty, but will do everything to catch up). Or maybe it’s his gun??

No nothing.

But he is not a charlot!

Oh my God, a completely smashed car and a devastated bus shelter, you wouldn’t see such a thing in France…

No, it’s true that in France not much happens. On Wednesday night in Clermont-Ferrand…

Come on, it’s better to talk about the real balls, to #Mariupolthe construction of 12 apartment buildings, a supermarket and a hospital has started The aim is to complete this by November 1

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