New poll shows Republicans beating Democrats in unexpected way [VIDÉO]. – The Informant.

New poll shows Republicans beating Democrats in unexpected way [VIDÉO].

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Published on 18.6.2022

A new Fox News poll reveals that voters have more confidence in the ability of Republican candidates to save American democracy.

With the economy spiraling downward and violence on the rise, the American people are vigorously discussing who can save our democracy, questioning how much of the current damage to the fabric of our nation is intentional. Leftists have not been silent about their desire to fundamentally change our country. And many fear they will.

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Mayra Flores is the latest example as of a national shift in favor of Republican candidates, especially among Hispanics.

In 2020, President Trump made significant gains among Hispanics because his policies were tough on crime. The Democratic Party’s shift to “democratic” socialism also did not appeal to Hispanic voters.

Flores loudly denounced the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, as well as its socialist program.

Flores’ victory is an important indicator of emerging sentiment about the Democrats’ nefarious policies. Debbie and Dinesh DSouza explained that Flores’ victory reveals a greater movement in favor of Republican candidates among Hispanic voters, highlighting the importance of a Hispanic community that they say has “woke up” and is moving towards Republican candidates because she is against the destruction of democracy perpetrated by the Democratic Party.

Mayra said she prays for her husband, who is a Border Patrol agent, “now more than ever” when he leaves for work.

Ms. Flores understands the reality shared by so many Americans who no longer feel safe in their daily lives.

Although the reasons why America is in danger are different, in separate interviews this week Bill and Hillary Clinton agreed that America’s future is in danger, noting that America is in trouble after a new poll indicating that a majority of Democrats and Republicans think America will “cease to exist” as a democracy.

Late Late Show host James Corden interviewed former President Bill Clinton on Wednesday night. The latter said he feared that the United States would “completely lose our constitutional democracy”.

Ted Cruz joined the conversation during an interview with co-host Michael Knowles on the “Verdict” podcast, on what the midterm elections might hold for the Democrats’ insane agenda:

“They will be obliterated in November. It will be a historic election. It’s, every question is so extreme,” Cruz offered.

“Look, there are people, Bill Maher. Bill Maher is an old school liberal, whom they are running away from. Elon Musk, Elon Musk has been a democrat his whole life,” Cruz added.

They’re scaring him off, and he was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to vote Republican now, because these guys are crazy,’ he added.

Republican candidates have no shortage of talking points as the Democratic Party enacts even crazier policies and doesn’t seem to understand that their destructive, socialist agenda will be the bullet used to kill their re-election efforts.

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Texas’ divided Democrats are screwed: Hispanic women win big victory in Republican Party primaries in Texas.

Published on 6.6.2022

President Trump was able to make significant gains among Hispanics in 2020 because of his “tough on crime” policies and because of the Democratic Party’s shift toward “democratic” socialism.

Since 2020, Republicans have continued to make gains among Hispanics who are now an almost equal demographic between Republicans and Democrats.

A poll released by the National Republican Congressional Committee two weeks ago found that the Democrats’ advantage among Hispanics has shrunk to just 7%, 44% of Hispanics support Democrats and 37% Republicans.

Republicans saw those gains materialize at the ballot box, where the GOP recorded massive Hispanic turnout in the Republican primaries in Texas. Not only have Republicans had strong turnout in the primaries, but they also have eight Latinos running for Congress, including six women.

Politico Reports:

“Republicans have long argued that Donald Trump’s gains in Hispanic-majority South Texas were not a one-time affair and, instead, the start of a larger trend.

Tuesday night’s primary results proved they were right.

The GOP has seen strong turnout in the state’s southernmost border counties, proving that Trump’s gains among Hispanic voters are no anomaly. But that was only part of the story. When the dust clears after the second round on May 24, as many as eight Latinos — including six women — could be the Republican nominees for congressional seats across Texas. In the Rio Grande Valley alone, at least two Latinos will be nominated by the GOP.

With the GOP continuing to pump money into South Texas and more Hispanic Republicans, especially women, running for office, there are signs that the traditional balance of power in this longtime Democratic stronghold is beginning. to change.

“We want to show Hispanics that the Republican Party looks like this. He looks like them,” said Mayra Flores, who won the GOP nomination for her congressional seat in South Texas. »

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