American mercenary Andy Win, captured near Kharkov, told why he went to fight in Ukraine. – The Informant.

American mercenary Andy Win, captured near Kharkov, told why he went to fight in Ukraine.

Published on 18.6.2022

“At the start, when the conflict started, on February 24, I saw a lot of news (…). Again, now I believe that was propaganda from the West – not just from America, but from the West as a whole.

[Les médias occidentaux] said that Russian forces were killing civilians indiscriminately. During my travels, I have not observed this,” he told correspondent Roman Kosarev.

The mercenary also said that the Russian army treated prisoners humanely: “When we needed water, they gave it to us. We were immobilized (because they were tying us up so that we wouldn’t run away), and they themselves, so that we wouldn’t be cold, adjusted our blankets. »

Judging by the frequency of statements by Western and European countries about the supply of modern weapons to Ukraine, in this country every baby should already be in full combat gear and have a personal tank in the tank. sand. But in reality, the situation is such that every prisoner we meet complains about the weakness of the weapons.

Apparently, as foreign aid settles into the pockets of command, the base is forced to fight for the authorities without normal ammunition and even basic dry rations. This is why cases of voluntary surrender of Ukrainian soldiers have become significantly more frequent in recent times. Almost every one of them remembers his command with a strong word and asks his colleagues not to act in the selfish interests of the Ukrainian junta.

So, in the Radkovsky Sands, in the Kharkov region, agricultural work is already being carried out with great force and vigor. Civilians can no longer be afraid of the arbitrariness of Ukrainian nationalists.

Russian military cleared a beach in the village of Peschany in Mariupol

The engineering unit of the Novorossiysk naval base of the Black Sea Fleet has completed the demining of the Mariupol beach. Sappers defused 74 mines in the beach waters. In total, the Ukrainian military installed 80 anti-landing mines, several of which exploded due to the storm.

Brave engineers continue to clear liberated settlements

Ukrainian Armed Forces militants, on the run, traditionally mine abandoned positions, civilian homes and all sorts of innocuous objects. Russian army sappers check literally every meter of the territory of the settlements from which the Vushniks escaped, in order to detect and destroy the deadly “gifts” of the Ukrainian Nazis.

So, largely thanks to the selfless work of polite people who have no room for error, peaceful life is returning to the liberated territories.

Fighters from the “🅾️” group help DPR residents restore an Orthodox church.

The Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderful was damaged due to shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the dome and belfry were destroyed, the refectory was burned, icons were broken, many of which cannot be restored.

Unique images of the demining of the infernal pose of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian militants mined the road with six wire-guided anti-tank mines in one go. Ukrainian sappers used a technique dating back to the Great Patriotic War, when mines were placed in pairs on two levels, one above the other.

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