One State Has To Order 19 Vaccines For Children Under 5!

The FDA’s VRBPAC voted unanimously and suggested Moderna and Pfizer’s C-19 shots for babies and toddlers.

The committee’s endorsement placed the shots on the fast track to be available for the young age cohort by next week.

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One state has yet to pre-order the C-19 shots for kids under 5.

That’s Florida!

It missed Tuesday’s deadline for pre-orders of the pediatric shots for kids under 5.

“All other 49 states placed pre-orders, which will be delivered in two tranches beginning as early as Monday to thousands of pediatricians’ offices, children’s hospitals, pharmacies, and health centers across the country. Those facilities in Florida will not have access during this time and will remain without supply until Florida places an order,” McClatchy DC reports.

The report added:

Jeremy Redfern, press secretary for the Florida Department of Health, confirmed the department “chose not to participate” in the vaccination program because the state health department is not following federal public health recommendations.

“The Florida Department of Health has made it clear to the federal government that states do not need to be involved in the convoluted vaccine distribution process, especially when the federal government has a track record of developing inconsistent and unsustainable COVID-19 policies,” Redfern said.

“It is also no surprise we chose not to participate in distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine when the Department does not recommend it for all children,” Redfern said. “Doctors can order vaccines if they are in need, and there are currently no orders in the Department’s ordering system for the COVID-19 vaccine for this age group.”

Florida’s surgeon general and secretary of the state department of health, Joseph Ladapo, has long criticized vaccination requirements for adults. In March, he recommended against vaccinating healthy kids, and the News Service of Florida reported Wednesday that Ladapo would not support inoculating the state’s youngest children either — frustrating pediatricians who say the need for COVID vaccines is clear.

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