After rigging the presidential elections, Jean-Michel Blanquer’s clown reacts to his defeat. – The Informant.

After having rigged the presidential elections, the clown of Jean-Michel Blanquer reacts to his defeat: “There were irregularities on the part of the candidate who arrives in front of me in the second round. »

Published on 13.6.2022

When you are told that they have no problem lying or reversing the course of things as it suits them, we are in mass manipulation as it is not allowed and nobody sees anything, worse the sheep will cry foul again when they have already been robbed of all the elections since Sarkozy with Dominion.

Legislative elections: salary, bonuses, benefits, how much does a deputy earn?

Published on 12.6.2022 by Matthieu Terrats

Their compensation down to the smallest detail.

The race for a seatNational Assembly is thrown. If the first round of legislative elections takes place this Sunday, the verdict for the 577 deputies newly elected will be returned next Sunday, June 19, at the end of the second round. But by the way, how much do they earn?

According to the website of the National Assembly, the parliamentary allowance of a deputy amounts to 7,239.91 euros gross or 5,679.71 euros net monthly. It is made up of a basic parliamentary allowance (5,623.23 euros gross), a function allowance (1,447.98 euros gross) and a residence allowance (168.70 euros gross).

According liberation.frspecial allowances are also granted to holders of certain positions: “The President of the National Assembly receives an additional €7,297.82, the vice-presidents have a bonus of €1,042.55, and the three quaestors receive an additional €5,024.49 each”.

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It should be noted that a deputy can combine his parliamentary allowances with his local elected representative’s allowances, which are nevertheless capped (2,811.62 euros per month).

Members also have many advantages. Such as travel by train (unlimited), by plane (80 round trips between the constituency and the capital), travel expenses (taxi, VTC) are also reimbursed (capped at 18,950 euros per year), they have ‘a “credit for telephone and computer equipment (CETI)” (€15,500 for newly elected MPs, compared to €13,000 for re-elected MPs), an equipped office at the Palais-Bourbon, €5,373 in office expenses not covered by the Assembly (purchase of a vehicle, rental an apartment in Paris, meals, etc. and finally an employee loan of 10,581 euros per month to employ employees.


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