Trudeau says using a gun for self-defense is ‘not a right you have,’ days after banning handguns [VIDÉO]. – The Informant.

Trudeau says using a gun for self-defense is ‘not a right you have’, days after banning handguns [VIDÉO].

Published on 12.6.2022

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to cement his status as a petty Liberal bully lovers of the Chinese CCP, in order to compel the Canadians to disarm in order to better attack them afterwards, with their tyrannical Satanic plans. Trudeau you’re really going to fall and it’s going to hurt, you’re the worst “Young corrupt leaders after Zelinsky and Macron”.

Trudeau has received negative attention at home and abroad for his handling of the Freedom Convoy protests, where truckers led a protest against Covid vaccination mandates.

In late May, Trudeau announced that Canada would ban the sale or transfer of handguns, removing the most popular type of weapon from the market.

Yesterday, Mr. Trudeau made an appearance on the liberal podcast “Pod Save America”, where he addressed various topics, including gun control. He said using a gun for self-defense is “not a right you have in Canada”.

The Post Millennial Reports:

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“Justin Trudeau made an appearance on the latest episode of Pod Save the World to discuss democracy, guns and Ukraine, as well as lighter topics.

During the interview, after discussing Canada’s response to the US mass shootings, the Prime Minister argued that Canadians have no right to use firearms in self-defence.

“There is this impression that Canada responded to the Texas shootings by suddenly doing an about-face and banning guns,” Trudeau began. “Lovely if that were true, but we’ve been working on this for seven years.”

He pointed out that the call for gun control in Canada began with the mass shooting at École polytechnique in Montreal, where fourteen women were murdered by a gunman.

“We’ve had a lot of setbacks,” Trudeau continued, blaming Conservative governments, “but since we were elected seven years ago, we’ve worked tirelessly to strengthen gun control. »

Studies have indicated that the defensive use of firearms prevents hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of crimes per year, with some studies indicating that Americans use firearms defensively up to three million times per year.

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