The far-left and anti-Trump ‘Flash’ star is trying to flee the law after being accused of ‘grooming’ a teenage girl. – The Informant.

The far-left and anti-Trump ‘Flash’ star is trying to flee the law after being accused of ‘grooming’ a teenage girl.

Published on 12.6.2022

Far-left and anti-Trump actor Ezra Miller is running from the law after the parents of an 18-year-old girl from North Dakota accused him of ‘physically and emotionally’ conditioning their child and obtained a protection order from a tribal court.

Law enforcement has been unable to locate Miller to serve the order as they are having difficulty locating him.

Miller had another run-in with the law in April after he was arrested for assaulting a woman in Hawaii.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

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The parents of an 18-year-old from North Dakota have obtained a protective order against ‘The Flash’ star Ezra Miller, adding another scandal the struggling actor must deal with.

But the teen’s parents and law enforcement are struggling to locate Miller to serve the order, which accuses Miller of “physically and emotionally abusing” the teen and conditioning him.

Lawyer and activist Chase Iron Eyes and his wife, Sara Jumping Eagle, petitioned the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court on a reservation in North Dakota on Tuesday to issue a protective order for their child, Tokata Iron Eyes.

They accuse the 29-year-old ‘Justice League’ star of “psychologically manipulating, physically intimidating and endangering the safety and well-being of Tokata Iron Eyes”, according to court documents obtained by The Times on Thursday.

A tribal court judge approved the interim order Tuesday, but “the court cannot locate or serve” Miller, according to a copy of the motion. »

Miller has made controversial political statements in the past.

In 2016, after President Trump won the presidential election, he said he understood why people turned to Harry Potter books to deal with Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ star sat on a panel with other cast members in 2018 at Comic Con. They were asked what they would do if they had magical powers, one said she would impeach President Trump, while miller said that he would smash the patriarchy.

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