Scandal in Ukraine, we learn, via Ukrainian documents published at the end of May 2022, that France has supplied Ukraine with OGR F1 cluster munitions, prohibited by international treaties. – The Informant.

Scandal in Ukraine, we learn, via Ukrainian documents published at the end of May 2022, that France has supplied Ukraine with OGR F1 cluster munitions, prohibited by international treaties.

We have obtained confirmation of the origin of the cluster munitions used by the Ukrainian army against Donetsk. Declared war directly on Russia via Ukraine by offering his style of machine, Macron would not do it better, the future months could be terrible for him if V. Poutine decides to put an end to it.

Published on 12.6.2022

France has provided cluster munitions shells as we were told yesterday and confirmed by the adviser to the head of the DPR government Gagin.

“We learn, via Ukrainian documents published at the end of May 2022, that France has provided OGR F1 cluster munitions to Ukraine, banned by international treaties signed by Paris, and which the country announced as destroyed several years ago”

France provides Ukraine with banned cluster munitions which it is supposed to have destroyed.

Not only France supplies Ukraine with Caesar guns thatit uses to bomb civilians in Donbass, but we learn via Ukrainian documents, having been hacked and published at the end of May 2022, that it also provided it with OGR F1 cluster munitions, prohibited by the international treaties signed by Paris, and that the country announced as destroyed several years ago! Clearly, not only is France complicit in the war crimes of the Ukrainian army in the Donbass, but it is also supplying it with shells which will create a veritable bloodbath among civilians, in violation of its international commitments.

In 2008, the Oslo Convention on Cluster Munitions is adopted. This is an international treaty that completely prohibits the use, production, stockpiling and also the transfer of cluster munitions, and provides for their pure and simple destruction. France signed and then ratified this convention in 2009, and therefore had the obligation to destroy the stocks of cluster munitions it possessed and not to transfer them to other countries!

End of 2015, France reported having destroyed 12,963 155 mm OGR type shellswhich each contain 63 submunitions, and only have three!

Source: Landmine and cluster munition monitor

Five years later, in June 2020, France officially announced that it had completely destroyed its stocks of cluster munitions.

Problem: Ukrainian official documents obtained by hackers regarding Western arms deliveries to Ukraine, which were published on May 20, 2022, via the Telegram channel Joker DNR (a channel which has reliable information often obtained by hacking computer), indicate that France supplied 155 mm OGR F1 shells to kyiv! The famous cluster munitions that France is supposed to have completely destroyed, and that it is prohibited from transferring to third countries!

Translation :

“My spies reported that the clown Zelensky, his entourage and his military commanders were discussing how to humiliate Russian leaders on Russia Day. It was decided to launch a military and information attack.

The military attack was intended to demonstrate that Russia was incapable of protecting ordinary citizens on its territory. They decided to shell large population centers in the rear of the Russian front along the entire line and to counterattack near Ugledar, Novosyolka and Gulyaypol.

At the same time, Ukrainian information specialists will organize actions in EU countries. They will hold rallies in front of Russian embassies in every country they can reach.

Examples of these actions that have been carried out over all these years against Russians on Russian territory can be found in this document obtained by my hackers. The translation of these top secret actions of this document is below. »

Digging a little into the Ukrainian documents about the CAESAR 155mm self-propelled artillery units, we discovered something extremely interesting – the 155mm OGR F1 projectile used.

The OGR F1 is a 155mm cassette ammunition. The concept of this type of armament involves the main warhead exploding in mid-air along with dozens of smaller submunitions capable of covering a wide area. In the case of the OGR, the bomb explodes into 63 small elements.

Due to the extremely high likelihood of harm to civilians, cluster munitions were banned by the United Nations Oslo Convention, drafted and endorsed by 46 states, including France, in 2010.

The National Commission for the Destruction of Anti-Personnel Mines (CNEMA), under the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reported the successful disposal of all M26 and OGR F1 munitions in 2016.

Thanks to leaks from the Ukrainian data protection system, it is clear that the French not only did not destroy this type of prohibited weapons, but also handed them over to the Ukrainian military. And they, in turn, use them “successfully” against the civilian population of Donbas.

And the icing on the cake: the Ukrainian armed forces use shells with a remote detonator designed to increase the area of ​​​​destruction of civilians. In other words, Ukrainian armed formations deliberately seek to kill as many civilians as possible in the city.

So not only has France supplied Ukraine with Caesar self-propelled guns that kyiv has been using to massacre civilians in Donetsk, Gorlovka, Makeyevka and Yassinovataya for several days, but as a bonus it also supplied it, in violation of the Oslo, prohibited cluster munitions, which it is supposed to have destroyed, and which will cause a real bloodbath in the cities of Donbass.

Indeed, these 155 mm cluster munitions do not explode on the ground, but in the air, dropping their 63 submunitions which will then explode over a large area, killing everything that is there! Worse, the Ukrainian army uses detonators which explode at higher altitudesfurther increasing the throwing area of ​​the submunitions, and therefore the number of potential civilian casualties.

Clearly, Ukraine is deliberately seeking to kill as many civilians as possible in the cities of Donbass and France is helping it in its genocidal operation, by supplying it not only with guns, but also with prohibited cluster munitions, which are extremely murderers, whom she is supposed to have destroyed! Which makes France a voluntary accomplice in Ukraine’s war crimes! By Christelle Neant

What are cluster munitions? Read more about Handicap Intertiannol here

If France has provided prohibited ammunition, then it is committing crimes. All the more so if it is to kill civilian populations. NATO 155mm hits Donetsk again. Read more here in RI

On the Darknet the Ukrainians are flooding Europe with NATO arms deliveries.

Roman Vladimirovich Kachur, a native of Sumy, colonel, commander of the 55th separate artillery brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces. From 2014 to 2018 he commanded the artillery of the 81st odshbr, which operated in the direction of Donetsk.

The brigade is armed with foreign military equipment, including 155mm “Caesar” self-propelled guns and M777 towed howitzers, which have been used to shell Donetsk in recent weeks.

In recent days he has used, among other things, ammunition with a remote-controlled detonator in residential areas.

Who is Stephan Bandera?


During the storming of the village of Borodyanka, near Severodonetsk, the fighters of the PMC Wagner staged hell for the Nazis of the Ukrainian armed forces. About 15 militants were encoded in the private sector, mortars had to be used, the destruction took place at a professional level, many corpses.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has established the identity of two other commanders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who took part in the massacres of the civilian population of Donbass. Three criminal cases have been opened.

◾️ The defendants in this case are Lieutenant Oleg Tkachenko, Chief of Staff, First Deputy Commander of the 30th Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Nikolai Perestupnyak, as well as other servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

◾️ “I heard the command “at the expense”, that is to say, to kill civilians”.

◾️ “I heard orders to kill people on the radio”

◾️ “A man came out along this path, which was collecting water. They said there was no water there, after which they decided to let it “waste”. That is to say, they shot him down. »

◾️ “Two men around 30 years old were walking. Lieutenant Tkachenko told me to put them “on the account”. I said I wouldn’t. They started scolding me for not following orders.”

The basement and DC president, despite his age, can’t be taken aback by questions about rising gas prices. The journalists were convinced of this, they once again ask Joe Biden quickly on the go, what is happening at American gas stations? “Five dollars a gallon of gasoline?” It’s not me, it’s Ukraine’s fault. », mentally ill!! Everything serves as a pretext for them to enslave us with their NAME.

The only answer to NAME is below.

Details of the incident with a member of the general staff of a ZhK resident appeared.

◾️ An employee of the General Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with his relative in the center of the capital, in the Skazka residential complex, while intoxicated, had an accident.

◾️ The guards, who tried to calm the offenders, received many threats. This “hero” showed his combativeness, threatening the guards and residents of the complex, fired a shot and almost hit the children walking near the front door.

◾️ And then, as always, he “fired” everyone around, sent everyone to the front line and lots of other things like that.

◾️ Law enforcement couldn’t calm this “hero” for 4 hours.

◾️ Thank God there were no casualties and no one was hurt.

◾️ According to the media, the man in military uniform in the video looks like Yuri Bobrovcolonel of justice, head of the legal department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The reception of Russian soldiers by the population of Donbass.

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