INFLATION AT 40 YEAR HIGH Gasoline up nearly 50%…Fuel oil up 106%…Eggs up 32%…Real wages down 3%…Biden inflation hits hardest low income families. – The Informant.

INFLATION AT THE HIGHEST for 40 years : Gasoline up nearly 50%…fuel oil up 106%…eggs up 32%…real wages down 3%…Biden inflation hits low-income families hardest.

The country on the verge of social implosion, so you better understand why the false flags of school killings are still used more and more, in order to pass for “Saints” in front of public opinion, while contradicting their narratives assembled from scratch with arms, (their specialty, creates the problem then provide the solution afterwards), with the permanent Talmudic liethen wash the brains of the sheep on the population to force them to disarm, and yes an armed angry population will be more difficult to coerce into accepting their diabolical and satanic NAME plan.

Published on 12.6.2022

Inflation has not been so high for 41 years and it is low-income families who are suffering the most.

Biden is the most anti-working-class family president in U.S. history, surpassing even Jimmy Carter. The massive stimulus packages handed out by him and his administration, amounting to more than $1.9 trillion, have resulted in the worst inflation spike in 41 years – since 1981 with an 8.6% jump in the price index to consumption since May last year.

In addition, real wages are down 3% compared to the same period last year.

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Gasoline prices increased by 48.7%, egg prices by 32.2%, air fares by 37.8% and the list goes on and on.

Inflation just hit a NEW 40-year high.

  • Overall CPI: +8.6% since last year
  • Gas: +48.7%
  • Fuel Oil: +106.7%
  • Meat, poultry and fish: +13.1%
  • Milk: +15.9%
  • Egg: +32.2%
  • Coffee: +15.3%
  • Used cars: +16.1%
  • Airline fares: +37.8%
  • Actual average hourly wage: -3%.

Tendency : USA: THANK YOU, JOE! Crazy gas prices force the local sheriff’s office to handle some phone calls.

Inflation is so bad that even CNN can no longer hide the truth about the incredible failures of the Democratic Party:

Translation of the tweet:

CNN: Biden’s inflation crisis is even “hotter” than expected.

  • Gasoline 🔺 48.7%
  • Used cars 🔺 16.1%
  • Food 🔺 10.1%
  • Housing 🔺 5.5%

Translation of the tweet:

CNN as inflation hits new 40-year high under Joe Biden: ‘It’s something that really falls disproportionately on low-income households’

Translation of the tweet:

CNN: Inflation is up 8.6% since last year, a new record in 40 years.

Some Americans are even forced to turn to food banks for the first time in their lives due to massive price increases.

Translation of the tweet:

Joyce, who lives on a fixed income, says she is using food banks for the first time amid soaring prices.

“If I can get by from one month to the next, that’s good. »

Inflation hasn’t been such a problem for decades and it looks like it will only get worse. Since Biden took office, we’ve seen a steady rise in inflation that hasn’t stopped.

Costs have risen across the board as wages have fallen, and low-income working families are the hardest hit.

Reckless government spending and widespread tax incompetence have led to this dire situation where families cannot afford to put gas in their tanks and food on their tables.

For those who commute between home and work, much of their already taxed pay is essentially taxed again at the pumps when you spend part of your daily pay to get to and from work.

For those with young children, ensuring their nutritional needs are met has become a huge financial drain and a source of anxiety in itself.

Americans can no longer afford to continue with Biden.

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