[D]eep [S]tate Dam Burst Soon

US Criminal Trial Of 'Global Conspirators'

Stargate Newsletter:
[D]eep [S]tate Dam Burst Soon

I am opening this post with great news – whistleblowers are pouring out of the woodwork now. The [D]eep [S]tate dam is about to burst and it won’t be pretty. BOOM.

Direct video proof from [B]iden & Co that the [D]eep [S]tate brazenly lies to the population.


An interesting comment from an Anon (related to Justin Bieber paralyzed face pics)…

I’ve been paying attention to celebrity pics and videos over the past couple years and most seem to always have the exact same bland creamish colored bare walls in the background. Makes me wonder where are they all? Are they in the same place? What place could this be?

A total digression from intel but interesting information (I have never used ear buds).

An insightful message from Pepe Lives Matter.


I just want to point out that people can actually wake up secretly and not have told you that this was the case. You have millions of normies right now living with thoughts that Biden may or may not start world war 3, he botched Afghanistan, he literally looks like he’s on his death bed, he mumbles every time he speaks, he has open borders and the gas prices are insane.
They may make excuses for it now but they are waking up.
Everything that is happening is screaming to the sheep to take the red pill.
Wait till the tribunals come. They will be ready for it.
Oh so it’s that guy who literally hates us and made our gas cost 10 dollars a gallon that committed treason? It all makes sense now.
No one escapes the red pill. The suppository is coming whether they are ready or not.

Q said: ‘We can’t tell the people; we have to show them…’ That is what Pepe is referring to – the people had to see for themselves that [B]iden is a traitor who has never cared about them. Not only did they have to SEE it, they had to EXPERIENCE it, i.e. gas prices. Only then would they be ready to accept the military tribunals. Now we can see why the Alliance operation has taken so long.

Pepe also makes a good point – sleepers may be ‘waking up’ around us but too embarrassed or confused to confide in us. That is why it’s important to show compassion and unconditional love to everyone. You don’t know when they will need a sympathetic listening ear.

This Anon backs up Pepe’s message (many Anons believe this is a JFK Jr account).


They can’t see it yet. They still asleep.
Stop trying to wake them up because it will eat you up.
Try to just enjoy the time with family. Keep topics light. When they are ready they will ask you questions. Let them come to you.

Finally, a reminder that we are at war. Look after yourself, Light Warrior. You are a valued member of the team.


Reminder: We are at war. Irregular warfare. Psy War.

If you’re feeling down, mentally drained or irritable remember; it’s all by design. Thank God that in this war when you’re feeling the attacks from the enemy, we’re able to disconnect and go ground, meditate or move our bodies instead of having to duck for cover or fasten a tourniquet.

The most powerful weapon we have, which [they] couldn’t account for, is the power of the Holy Spirit/prayer. Now we’re using that power and awakening to [their] wicked ways at scale. That is why I truly believe nothing can stop what’s coming. Nothing! God bless & Godspeed, Patriots!

Today’s post was quite the mixture of topics. I particularly enjoyed bringing you the inspiring messages from Anons. It is reassuring and uplifting to read insights from fellow Light Warriors. We are all in this together – VICTORY is assured.


Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light





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