OUCH! Even Rachel Maddow admits Trump had nothing to do with the Capitol breach [VIDÉO]. – The Informant.

OUCH! Even Rachel Maddow admits Trump had nothing to do with the Capitol breach [VIDÉO].

Published on 11.6.2022

A guest post by Hailey Sanibel of Blue State Conservative.

Sometimes the truth just slips out. Whether it’s Hillary openly admitting that she despises everyone in the country who doesn’t think like her and vote for her, or Joe Biden admitting they had the best voter fraud team of all time to guarantee 2020 results, the truth always sneaks in.

Such was the case with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who inspires hairdressers around the world to say “Make Hair Long Again!” when she emphatically reminded her fellow panelists and the audience that Donald Trump’s rally was not – I repeat, not – the starting point for the so-called January 6 insurrection.


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Here’s Maddow making our case for us. Watch below:

“Just a key point, that yes, there was a pro-Trump rally that the president spoke to. And we can absolutely talk about all the things the president said there.

But the idea that this gathering is the thing that got out of hand and kind of led to the intrusion into the Capitol -.

This gathering was a long way from the Capitol and the people who, as you say, opened the initial breach, which allowed everyone else in, did not even go to this gathering. »

I had to watch it several times to be sure I heard it correctly. Did she really just admit what we’ve been saying for almost eighteen months? Is she saying that Trump’s innocent rally, attended by hundreds of thousands of patriots, was not the cause or the start of the alleged sedition? Haven’t we said this all the time, only to be called fascists and kicked out of social media?

Heinous critics on Twitter have tried to argue that this video is in the context of a discussion of the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers or any other group no one has ever heard of – or, in my case , which no one has ever heard of – outside of the J6 context. Are we sure that these groups are not entirely made up of Feds? But whatever — if Trump’s rally, and by extension Trump himself, wasn’t the catalyst moment for the breach, that seals the deal.

Maddow is essentially admitting that a few bad guys, who I’m sure had the backing of the Feds, sullied an event for hundreds of thousands of people who had never before experienced calamitous behavior, let alone taken storming the United States Capitol.

It would have been amazing if Maddow had pursued her reasoning a little further. She could have mentioned the name of Ray Epps or asked why Stewart Rhodes remains free when all the other keepers of the oath are apparently locked up for life. She could have referred to a New York Times article that at least twenty FBI agents were on Capitol Hill that day, or even wondered why the Whitmer kidnapping case was so eerily similar to the D6 events.

Isn’t she a bit curious about the obvious lack of support from the police? Did Pelosi decline the National Guard?

She did not broadcast, when she could have, the sound clip of Donald Trump announcing that the patriots must make their voices heard peacefully by going to the Capitol.

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