EARLY RATINGS: J6 Hearings Can’t Capture Large Audience!

The Democrats and the media hope the J6 hearings will damage and hurt Donald Trump. They promoted this during their hearings, highly criticized as partisan, that they rescheduled the hearings themselves to be aired on primetime TV.

This didn’t happen at the Benghazi hearings and when Hillary Clinton was questioned for hours.

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The Americans aren’t buying this! If Trump speaks, over one million people will tune in online. Half a million people are interested in tuning it.

They don’t even have 500 people watching it.

Biden can’t even fill the high school gyms. Hillary’s crowds are nothing if we compare them to Trump’s.

Trump’s speech can get over 1 million viewers.


The poor viewership on TV has poor viewership on YouTube.

The media will cheat to promote their lies! Be aware of this!



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