UFOs-Disclosure: Ground-Breaking Details! Advanced Tech: Hall of Records/Pyramids/Space Arks

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Ground-Breaking Details! Advanced Tech:
Hall of Records/Pyramids/Space Arks
by Ileana Star Traveler

Part 1 – GROUND-BREAKING DETAILS! Advanced Tech:
Hall of Records/Pyramids/Space Arks by Ileana Star Traveler

Grab your kids & friends to watch your Human History come alive! Today – for Part 1, my experienced guest, Ileana Star Traveler, will reveal EXACT GROUND-BREAKING DETAILS on the ADVANCED TECH found underneath the Pyramids and the close by ancient HALLS OF RECORDS & Underground Tunnels scattered around the world.

Ileana is literally a ‘Cosmic Brilliant Traveling Universal Encyclopedia!’
*You will hear for the first time the Exact Details of How the Giza 3 Pyramids were built, Who built & Designed the pyramids, What specific Tech was used, How the different tech worked, the specific functions of the Pyramids, What & How Crystal Discs are used for, and much more.
*You will also see rare photos of tunnels inside the Giza Sphinx.
* First-time detailed answers to over 20 questions (see bullets)

Ileana is a Star Traveler who is certified as a Native American Shaman, Psychic, Crystal Healer, Energy Healer, Past Life Regressionist, Soul Retrieval & Hypnosis Practitioner, and an Akashic Records Reader. She is also a successful self-published author on Amazon with a book called ‘Crystal Grids: The Art of Healing with Crystals’ that teaches various healing crystal modalities and how to create your own crystal grids to manifest success and achieve your best goals in life. She has also authored 3 new books titled: “Messages from a Star Traveler Research Archive Vol. 1” AND “Ileana’s Star Journeys with UFOs, ETs, Secret Space Programs, & Past Lives, Vol. 1 and Vol 2.”
In her latest 2 volume books, Iliana describes her Past Life Regressions where she remembered that she is an Andromedan/Pleiadian/EL ET Hybrid who is a Star Traveler.
Through Self-Hypnosis protocols, Ileana was able to access memories of her ’60yrs-and-back’ in the Secret Space Program experiences – being an SSP Asset working on Mars bases as a technician in the Cybernetic labs, creating Biological Drug Serums, Biological Human Cyborgs, improving Neurolink Implants, and operating the Regenerative Technologies that are called the Holographic Medical Pods (Beds) and Meditech units.
• Amazing Details about the Founder/ Seeder Race of ELs from 12th    Density!
• What is Wave X
• What is a Star Traveler
• Remote viewing def. & her super high RV track record
• Has Ileana met other Star Travelers like her
• Who is the Founder EL Race, their Origin & Abilities
• What are the ELs forms of travel
• Are the ELs immortal
• Why can Ileana Activate and Access anything
• What are Ileana’s abilities
• Her Reptilian/Insectoid Guide, Zagor & his love affair with …
• What it sounds like to speak Reptilian
• What is referred to as the Language of Light (Angelic) & describe    thoroughly
• Fascinating story of Ileana’s Soul Mission to Earth & Star Gate Portal in    Amaru-Muru
• Who the Maldekians were and where were they from
• Who built the ancient Underground tunnels & How & Where do they lead
• 6 of the 10 ET races that comprised Atlantian civilization are named
• Learn Details of How Atlantis collapsed in its final Epoch
• Learn Details about Crystal Towers & Atlantian Tech
• Size of Crystal Discs & How they are Activated
• What is the True story of “The Fall of Man” & what happened
• Find out who Ileana was in Egyptian Life!
• Learn 1st-time Exact Tech Details of How the Giza pyramid was built
• Learn 1st-time Exact Tech Details of How the stones were cut
* Learn WHY all the underground tunnels were built
• Learn about the ancient Human Genome Project to accelerate Human    evolution
* The Egyptian Hall of Records and when it had been built
• What transportation did Atlantis have
• What energy source did Atlantis have for energy and what it was made out    of
• Mag-Lev trains and Hovercraft
• Why were the pyramids built and what were their functions

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/rr07eqNXmjI



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