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Young “veiled” Christian women: a new phenomenon appeared on TikTok

Posted on 9.6.2022 by Emmanuelle Bourdy

A new phenomenon has appeared on TikTok. Young women and teenage girls, especially of the Catholic religion, appear veiled on the social network. They explain their motivations. According to a sociologist, it would be a “blurring of boundaries” between religions.

Illustration (PIERRE VERDY/AFP via Getty Images)
Illustration (PIERRE VERDY/AFP via Getty Images)

More and more young girls, who often claim christian, post short videos on TikTok showing themselves with a veil over their heads. Is it a mark of religiosity, a question of identity or a fashion? The cross conducted the investigation in the face of the extent of this phenomenon on the social network.

“A new beginning, a self-protection, a strengthening in the faith”

When we ask these “tiktokeuses” the reason that pushes them to wear a veil, the answers are very varied, in particular in the image of their respective religions, some being Catholic, others Protestant or even Orthodox.

Héléna, a 22-year-old young woman, recounted her experience with The cross. still being “atheist” two months ago, she said she took refuge in prayer after crossing “personal problems”. The young woman, who wears a mantilla at Mass, explains that her veil, ” very stylish “means for her “a new beginning, a self-protection, a strengthening in the faith”. She even embarked on a course as a catechumen, specifies the daily.

Relaying a biblical passage, the first epistle of Saint Paul to the Corinthians, some of these young women quote: “Any woman who prays or prophesies without having her head covered puts her head to shame: it is exactly as if she were shaved. » Moreover, the expression “May God make it easy for us” is also mentioned among the arguments, whereas this one comes from the Islamic tradition.

A “blurring of boundaries” between religions

Isabelle Jonveaux, a specialist in online religions, has analyzed this phenomenon which emerged about four months ago and is very successful, mainly among those under 25. She points out in the columns of The cross that “Since the 1970s and 1980s we have witnessed, in the individual practices of Christian believers, a lot of blurring of the boundaries between what comes from their own tradition and what comes from outside influences”. She also specifies that the Internet and social networks have amplified this contribution from Eastern religions.

In addition, the specialist points out that “Since Vatican II, everything related to bodily practices – such as fasting – has lost a lot of speed”. As a result, we are witnessing a “lack of constraints in Catholicism” and this would be “fulfilled by practices sometimes from other religious traditions”. According to her, these tiktokeuses would aspire to “listen and watch everything in a form of ecumenism”. She thinks they’re trying to “finding concrete forms of asceticism” in order to reconnect to a deeper spiritual life.


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