Massive UFO Sighting over Gariepdam South Africa & More See Video

Multiple UFOs Caught on Video Over Newcastle UK and more

Here we have six different recent UFO Sightings captured on video over the U.S and South Africa. Over Gariepdam, South Africa, a UFO was seen taking off overhead brightly illuminated and pulsating. A very large craft was captured on video hovering over Cherokee County, Georgia, United States. 

A formation of the unknown aerial craft was sighted over Hamden, Connecticut during the night. A morphing-shaped craft was sighted changing from a round illuminated orb into a triangular-shaped UFO of the same bright appearance over Spring Texas. 

During the night over San Antonio, Texas a low elevated craft was sighted maneuvering across the sky with strobing lights. Another recent sighting occurred over Merrimack County, New Hampshire. This UFO resembled what appeared to be a cigar-shaped object maneuvering low in the sky.

Two Flying Saucers in the sky



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