He warns that “recruiters are watching us and we hate you! And the companies “are run by angry women like me!” » [VIDÉO]. – The Informant.

Goofy Human Resources Director Goes Wild… and Threatens Jobs for People Fighting for Freedom: He Warns “Recruiters Are Watching Us and We Hate You!” And the companies “are run by angry women like me!” » [VIDÉO].

Crazy, we tell you!!

Posted on 8.6.2022

Another day, another unhinged liberal unleashed by her fellow freedom fighters.

An allegedly unhinged HR ‘professional’ has taken to TikTok to warn ‘freedom fighters’ in Canada that they will be punished for their behavior. Throughout her rant, she brings her face closer to the camera, seemingly to scare the viewer into taking her seriously.

“Do you want to be an asshole? she asks. “We’re documenting it,” she warns, adding, “We’re giving you a few tries. And then what do we do? You are fired for good reason. If we are lucky, if not, we give you the minimum allowed by law. Either way, good luck to you. Recruiters are watching. HR is watching you everywhere, and we hate you, we hate you so much! »

“And you think we can’t do anything – but we can. We have the power always remember that! It doesn’t matter that there’s a fucking man running your HR department – ​​it’s run by women. And it’s run by angry women like me! »

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As the video ends, it looks like the human resources “professional” is about to calm down, but then, out of nowhere, she gets angry again and expresses her pure hatred for a huge group of people she doesn’t know, but still hates because they don’t agree with her. “I’m so, so glad I got all of this out of my chest. It was eating me up inside. And honestly, my heart goes out to you guys. You have families to feed, don’t you?

You brought your children to these great events. You are a freedom fighter. You get up. Oh, they will be so, so proud. So, so proud of you. Kiss my ass. Fck fck f*ck yourself! She blows a kiss at the camera, smiles, and says, “I love you!” »

Look :

Rebel News reports that it didn’t take long to uncover the identity of the alleged HR recruiter, whose LinkedIn profile tagged her. Quickly identified by her TikTok username and public social media profiles, she sparked ire on Twitter, with many social commentators condemning her and her employers for the comments she made.

“Oh, Canada. And she has a job,” wrote Dr. Jordan Peterson, who quoted journalist Glenn Greenwald, who described her as the “president of hell.”

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