BREAKING: SDNY ‘’We Build The Wall’’ Political Witch Hunt Ended In Hung Jury!

The SDNY vs. We Build The Wall has ended.

The jury didn’t agree on this garbage case. One week ago, the judge doxed one of the jurors in the We Build The Wall case in New York.

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The New York Daily News reported:

A Manhattan judge ruled a mistrial Tuesday in the case of a Steve Bannon associate charged with siphoning donations to the “We Build the Wall” charity — after a deadlocked jury said it couldn’t overcome its ideological differences.

The mistrial comes after the jury deliberated for more than 30 hours whether Colorado businessman Timothy Shea was guilty of stealing contributions to the fund from ex-President Donald Trump’s supporters. The charity aimed to privately finance a portion of border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

On Thursday, the jury wrote Judge Analisa Torres to say a holdout, Roberto, had alleged a “government witch hunt” and other conspiracies during deliberations and was preventing them from reaching a verdict. He’d accused the other 11 jurors of being biased New York liberals, according to jury notes.

Torres told the jury to continue deliberating despite the discord. But on Tuesday the jury said it had reached an impasse.

“Judge Torres, in the last few days, we have narrowed our focus to an agreed-upon scope consisting of a few points of contention. We’ve gone to extreme depth in granular detail, building a bottom up analysis regarding these points. In doing so, it is abundantly clear that we are even further entrenched in our opposing views,” the jury reported.

“We cannot reach a verdict on any of the three counts,” a second note read.

The only defendant to go to trial in the We Build the Wall fraud case, Shea was charged in August 2020 along with Bannon, Brian Kolfage, a triple amputee Air Force veteran, and Andrew Badolato, a longtime Bannon associate from Sarasota, Fla.

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