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GatewayPundit Releases Exclusive, Bombshell Documentary “The Truth About January 6th”…with J6 Prisoner Jake Lang Narrating From Inside Isolation [VIDÉO].

Posted on 7.6.2022

Today, the groundbreaking documentary “The Truth About January 6th” premiered on The Gateway Pundit. The film, produced by Brick House Films, features never-before-seen footage from January 6 and narration by January 6 political prisoner Jake Lang.

Lang, who worked on this film while in solitary confinement, is also a co-producer.

Brick House Films, in collaboration with Lang, sought to tell his personal story and reveal the true details of that infamous day.

“Our goal was to condense the material and make it understandable for the general public, for those who may not be aware of the deaths of Trump supporters due to police brutality toward protesters on January 6,” said director and executive producer Brittany Manheim. “There are a lot of people in America who don’t even know we have political prisoners. It is important that we reach these people. Sharing the truth for Jake, as well as all other January 6 political prisoners, is imperative for justice. »

“Working with Jake and his dad has been an amazing experience,” Manheim added. “Jake is one of the people [les plus] persistent and motivated that I have ever worked with. I admire his good faith and attitude through it all. »

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President Trump’s lawyer on January 6, Peter Ticktin, commented on the documentary, expressing his excitement for its release.

“It’s important for Americans to know that there are people fighting every day to get the truth out about the election and January 6,” Ticktin said. “We have brave Americans who see the truth and make videos like this.”

Jan. 6’s lead attorney, Joseph McBride, is featured in the documentary as an expert and media contributor.

McBride commented on the film saying,

“This documentary chronicles how protesters were forced to come to the aid of American citizens who were being brutalized by a militarized police force suppressing free speech in the public square on January 6, 2021. “The Truth About January 6” tells the story of Rosanne Boyland, a helpless third party who was brutally assaulted and killed by the police, and how good men pleaded for her life before using force to try to save her. This is extremely important in illustrating the very real fact that much of the force used by protesters on January 6 was legally justified under the “third party defense doctrine”…and why this means that many of these men are innocent of criminal assault. »

The film begins and ends with powerful statements from Lang. The political prisoner introduces the film by saying:

“America, you deserve the truth. You deserve the full story. You deserve to see the historic January 6 event beyond the censored lens of mainstream media. Hello, I’m Jake Lang – a 27 year old political prisoner who has been locked up in solitary confinement for over 17 months. The images you are about to see have never been seen by the public. This is the raw, uncut truth of January 6. The day when free men and women stood unarmed against tyranny, and were brutalized, beaten and even murdered on the steps of our own Capitol. The patriotic event of the century – where brave Americans came together to defend the Constitution and free and fair elections. »

In his closing remarks, Lang comments on the importance of the truth and implores the public to share the documentary with as many people as possible in order to bring the truth to light about what happened on January 6.

“Now that you have been armed with the truth, the truth will set us free. Please share this video with as many people as you can via text and email. Also donate to GiveSendGo, where 100% of the proceeds will be used to finance the advertising of this documentary on television and in the newspapers. We cannot let the brave January 6 patriots sacrifice themselves in vain. We must fight for those who stood up to protect this great nation from the current unconstitutional regime. Joe Biden says no amendment is absolute. It’s the rhetoric of a tyrant who has no respect for our Republic or for the rights God has given us. I know the Founding Fathers and many January 6 Patriots who are willing to bet with their lives that he is wrong. We fight this spiritual warfare with the love of God and the faithful understanding that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. So we will never back down, and we will never surrender to tyranny. Because fear does not live in the heart of a patriot. May God bless you, lift you up and give you freedom before death. »

Watch the amazing documentary:

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