Joe Biden refuses to ensure the safety of Hunter’s daughter whom he does not recognize as a member of the family, despite the alarming threats made against her life. – The Informant.

Joe Biden refuses to ensure the safety of Hunter’s daughter whom he does not recognize as a member of the family, despite the alarming threats made against her life.

Posted on 7.6.2022

Lunden Roberts, 31, is the mother of Hunter Biden’s child, Navy Joan – a child Joe Biden refuses to acknowledge. Even after serious threats were made to his granddaughter’s safety, Joe Biden continues to ignore the 3-year-old and her mother.

Lunden Roberts at the park with her daughter Navy Joan, whose father is Hunter Biden.

Roberts recently exposed her ex-fiancé, amateur MMA fighter Princeton Foster, for making threats not only against her, but also against the child she shares with Hunter.

Roberts and Foster got together in 2018 — about six months after her relationship with Hunter — got engaged in 2019 and split in 2020 due to Foster’s alleged alcohol and drug addiction issues.

Princeton Foster, 27, and Lunden Roberts, 31.

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Last month, Roberts called the police after Foster, 27, showed up at her house in the middle of the night when she was with a friend and began banging aggressively on the door while shouting furiously through the house . The two women got down and hid behind furniture for fear that Foster would “open fire” since he was “carrying a weapon”. As Foster tried to enter the house, Roberts called the police who arrived after Foster fled the scene.

It was later discovered that he had cut the wires of his security cameras, gouged a dent in his car and punctured a tire on his friend’s car.

Foster allegedly told Roberts that he was one of God’s prophets and that she was “going to heaven” with Navy Joan, prompting her to seek a protective order.

Although basement chairman Joe Biden was made aware of Roberts’ situation and the threats made against his granddaughter, a close friend of Roberts confirmed that he had taken no action to sending them Secret Service protection, and that he hadn’t even contacted the couple to find out if they were safe.

With no help from Biden, Ms Roberts turned to authorities in rural Independence County to get her and her child to safety from Foster. “I need this order because I’m afraid of what Princeton might do to me and my daughter,” Roberts said.

In a 10-page affidavit, Roberts described the harassing phone calls and text messages she received from Foster after their breakup.

Roberts reported that Foster once showed up at a restaurant she was at and started yelling, “Where’s my daughter?” … I will f**k you up! »

“He was also continuously calling and we were recording recordings of him screaming (like the Joker) saying he was on his way with his MMA buddy to fight the guy I was with, using racial slurs and in an audio recording, you you can hear him yelling ‘I’m on my way, I’m going to scalp your head,'” Roberts added.

The man who threatens the life of Mr Biden’s granddaughter and her mother is currently facing various misdemeanor charges, including terrorism threats and harassing communications. Foster was jailed on Friday, but was reportedly released on bail.

However, Biden did not comment on the matter and did not check on the well-being of his own granddaughter..

Roberts’ friend told the DailyMail “The president often speaks of his love and pride for his grandchildren. But if he really cared about every member of his family, he would have done something already. »

A young Hunter Biden, who looks suspiciously like young Navy Joan.

The Secret Service is constantly protecting the other Bidens, but it would seem that Roberts and Navy Joan are not subject to the same protection. “Secret Service would intervene immediately if someone threatened any of the other Biden children, but it’s like Navy Joan doesn’t matter,” the friend adds.

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