Eliminated in the first round of the legislative elections, Mr. Valls, the man who is useless, calls for blocking “the NUPES candidate” – L’Informateur.

Eliminated in the 1st round of the legislative elections, Mr. Valls, the man who is useless, calls to block “the candidate of the NUPES”

Mr. Valls the man who is uselessto spend his time living on the hook of society and on the back of the state, left the PS, after a quick stint at REM where he thought he was still making his money on the back of the “Beast”, to finish to parade with the extreme straight spanishand who distinguished himself by his tyranny and his 49-3, which has sworn eternal loyalty to the Talmud of Israel, a colonial, criminal and fascist state that violates international law, he is now invested with a new mission of revenge, indeed he calls for: “to block the candidate of the NUPES“, on Cnews, the intellectually shaky Me Le Borgne sheds a tear on Valleys. “He is of a reasonable left”. Left within reason ?, Center within reason, Right within reason ? By dint of being reasonable, nothing morehas of meaning.

Manuel Valls still has some possibilities, he can try to be:

  • Minister of Sports in Sweden.
  • Mayor of Tunis.
  • MP in crest.
  • Senator in Bolivia.
  • Communist.
  • Eco.
  • Extreme right.
  • Without label.
  • Regional Councillor.
  • Where to reconnect with your Swiss roots. (Switzerland, his mother’s country of origin)

It’s not the ideas that are missing.

Posted on 7.6.2022 by RT

The former Prime Minister announced his elimination in the first round of the legislative elections in the 5th constituency of French people living abroad. He asked his voters to block “the NUPES candidate” for the second round.

Valls had been invested by LREM for the legislative elections

Another setback for Manuel Valls. Returning to France after failing to be elected mayor of Barcelona in 2019, the former Prime Minister announced on the evening of June 5 on Twitter that he had been eliminated in the first round of the legislative elections in the 5th constituency of the French of abroad where he had been invested by the presidential party.

“I take note of the results on the 5th circo of the FDE. First of all, I want to thank the voters who trusted me […] If dissent and division have sown confusion, I cannot ignore my score and the fact that my candidacy did not convince. An election is a moment of truth,” he explained.

“It is up to me lucidly to draw the consequences. Life is good enough to quietly turn the pages”, he added, specifying: “In the meantime, for the second round which will take place on June 19, I call in the 5th circo of the FDE to block the candidate of the NUPES [Nouvelle union populaire écologique et sociale].”

Manuel Valls comes in third position with 15% of the vote, behind the dissident and outgoing LREM deputy Stéphane Vojetta (25.39%) and the Nupes candidate Renaud Le Berre (27.24%).

Stéphane Vojetta, was delighted with his qualification for the second round. “The final results confirm it: I am qualified for the 2nd round against the NUPES candidate. This confirms the soundness of my approach since day 1. I now ask for the support of my political family and the Presidential Majority for the 2nd round, ”said Stéphane Vojetta on Twitter.

The announcement, on May 5, of the nomination of Manuel Valls for the presidential party had caused a stir in the 5th constituency abroad, which notably includes Spain, Monaco and Portugal. Stéphane Vojetta at the time protested against a “parachuting”. He nevertheless said he wanted to remain “a loyal supporter” if elected.

In the ranks of La France insoumise (LFi), some seemed to rejoice at the elimination of Manuel Valls. “Manuel Valls eliminated from the 1st round of the legislative elections of the 5th constituency of French people living abroad and the candidate Nupes Renaud Le Berre in the lead. This is what we call a good Sunday evening to start the last week of the campaign in France!”, declared on Twitter Manon Aubry, LFI MEP.

The deputy of the North, Adrien Quatennens took over, still on Twitter, the message of Manuel Valls, commenting on it with a photo on which we can see LFI parliamentarians brandishing signs “good riddance” in the hemicycle.

The second round of legislative elections will be held on June 19.


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