Caregivers invaded the technical committee of Montauban hospital to demand the reinstatement of 13 suspended caregivers. – The Informant.

Caregivers invaded the technical committee of the Montauban hospital to demand the reinstatement of 13 suspended caregivers, for incomplete vaccination passes when the situation in the public hospital is already critical.

Posted on 7.6.2022 by Hélène Deplanque

Montauban hospital center: the staff mobilized for the reintegration of thirteen agents.

The essential At the call of the CGT, a hundred people gathered on Tuesday, June 7, to denounce the “aberrant” suspension of their colleagues. In question: vaccination schedules deemed incomplete by the hospital management.

In a national context of great hospital tension, health workers were called to the mobilization, this Tuesday, June 7. A hundred of them were gathered in the courtyard of the Montauban hospital center to demand an increase in wages and staff. “Today, the agents are in great difficulty. Their working conditions are degraded. All sectors are concerned, particularly the psychiatry service in Montauban”, notes Christophe Couderc, of the CGT.

The mobilized staff also took advantage of the technical committee, which was held at the same time on Tuesday morning, to denounce the suspension of thirteen agents (seven since September, two since March and four since the end of May – beginning of June), on the grounds of pass incomplete vaccines. An “aberration” for the CGT: “The reasons given by management are not valid. Their vaccination schedule corresponds to the deadlines imposed by the General Directorate of Health, namely six months and not four between two doses; four months and not two in the event of contracting the virus. Pending their regularization, the persons concerned are therefore suspended, without payment of salary. “It’s scandalous and inconsistent in this context where the hospital suffers from a lack of staff,” laments Christophe Couderc. The CGT requests the reinstatement of the agents concerned.

Management awaiting evidence

Although the hospital management confirms the suspension of thirteen employees (out of nearly 2,000 medical and non-medical professionals), it nevertheless specifies the reasons for this decision: “They have not provided proof that they are fulfilling their obligation vaccination either by a certificate of temporary recovery following Covid, or by the document attesting to an injection, or by a medical certificate of temporary contraindication made after an appointment with the occupational health service. The first joint appointments with the HRD and the occupational physician were organized on Thursday to clarify individual situations. “Hélène Malterre, director of human resources, also ensures that these agents will be reinstated “as soon as they transmit the requested elements”.

In terms of repercussions on the operation of the services, the management wants to be reassuring: “These suspensions have had no impact on the continuity of care or on that of the services, except for a specialized team for which we are looking for solutions so that it carries out the mission assigned to it. »


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