“Before each call, he has his picture taken”, Emmanuel Macron mocked on Russian television. – The Informant.

“Before each call, he has his picture taken”, Emmanuel Macron mocked on Russian television.

“Do not humiliate Russia”, Emmanuel Macron’s call criticized on one side, mocked on the other

Posted on 7.6.2022 by Ariel Guez

Strongly criticized by Ukraine after saying that “Russia should not be humiliated”, Emmanuel Macron is also mocked in Russia, this time for his numerous telephone exchanges with Russian President Vladimir Putin

The propaganda does not stop. In Russia, presenters of the state broadcaster Russia-1 spoke a few weeks ago laughing at the hypothesis of a nuclear bombing of New York. At the end of May, a deputy close to Vladimir Putin, on the same television set, suggested kidnapping Western officials traveling to kyiv. But this weekend, it was the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron who was widely criticized.

“There are no real leaders in Europe,” begins political analyst Henry Sardaryan. “If the European heads of state of 40 years ago discovered who is at the head of their countries today, they would die before their time, they would all have a heart attack,” he says.

The Russian political analyst believes that Putin has in front of him “such bad leaders”, and directly names the tenant of the Elysée.

“Each phone call is a difficult test for him”

“I recently read that French President Emmanuel Macron counted how long he spent on the phone with Vladimir Putin. Before each call, he has his picture taken where we see him suffering so much that I worry about him, ”tackles Henry Sardaryan.

The photos published on the account of Soazig de la Moissonière, official photographer of the President of the Republic, have indeed often been diverted on social networks, the composition of the shots sometimes clashing with the theme of the discussions between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Poutine.

“Each time he holds his head or his heart, [ou] take painkillers. I don’t know what happens to him. Every phone call is a tough test for him,” Henry Sardaryan concludes.

“Macron called very often. Fortunately, Putin didn’t always drop out. So Macron takes medicine, wondering if Putin will drop out. We now have a new word: ‘Macronite’ which means to call often, for nothing ”, abounds the presenter of the program, Vladimir Solovyov.

The Russia-1 star is said to be Vladimir Putin’s favorite presenter.


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