As always before our eyes, with still images that went unnoticed during the Jubilee of the “queen” of the lizards. The black sun of the Nazis in the convoy of the chief “queen”. – The Informant.

As always before our eyes, with still images that went unnoticed during the Jubilee of the “queen” of the lizards. The black sun of the Nazis in the convoy of the chief “queen”.

Are people really that hypnotized? To participate in this ritual.

Posted on 7.6.2022

People are outraged by the ‘Nazi symbol’ on the Queen’s Jubilee Float. The Queen’s Jubilee Parade wowed the nation with music, dancing, acrobatics and famous faces, but eagle-eyed Britons were outraged by a symbol on the side of one of the floats .

The black sun symbol used by the Christchurch Gunner, the Buffalo Gunner and the Azov Battalion appeared in London during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Parade.

Story :

The Nazi symbol of #Sun #Black shown in Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee is not particularly surprising. The Duke of Windsor and his wife who admired Hitler and had ties to the Nazi regime, as well as German aristocrats, and the Pseudo Royal Family, helped build an alliance between Nazi Germany and Britain in order to fight the Communists.

The symbol of the German Black Sun emanates [émanerait] of an Antarctic civilization dating back 12,000 years.

Secret excavations in Antarctica, revealed [auraient révélé] the link between German secret societies and the pre-Adamite civilization of fallen angels.
The black sun is a symbol of Nazi mysticism, consisting of three swastikas. A religious symbol found from Europe to Oceania. We have [aurait] recorded only two depictions of the Black Sun by the Nazis. But one is significant: it is a symbol drawn by the SS in the castle of Wewelsburg in the marble floor of the former room of the Obergruppenführer – room of the generals – of the North Tower. It is a dark green ornament, circular mosaic, the middle of which lay on a gold disk. The neo-Nazi esoteric conception of the Black Sun was developed in the 1950s […]

The neo-Nazi Black Sun symbol worn by Payton Gendron is also featured on the flag of the Ukrainian Nationalists of Azov, who were trained and armed by the United States and NATO.

The Black Sun symbol first appeared in connection with Hitler’s SS command, and was later adopted by neo-Nazi and white supremacist movements around the world.

The Buffalo killer is a far-left activist who wanted to “give justice to Ukraine” and who hated opponents of the war – media blackout.

Buffalo killer Payton Gendron is a far-left activist who has vowed to “seek justice for Ukraine” and has expressed his hatred of anti-war conservatives, according to his leaked manifesto.


For memory translation:

Buffalo Mall Gets Shot By Neo-Nazis With Black Sun Symbolism – Same As Ukraine AZOV Neo-Nazis

(Russia and Ukraine)

California had a shooting at a church where a group of Taiwanese were.

(China and Taiwan)

But all on American soil. Within two days.

I find that very suspicious.”

Azov Regiment: from neo-Nazi Andriy Biletsky to Volodymyr Zelensky via Denis Prokopenko and Ihor Kolomoisky

The Azov Regiment was created by neo-Nazi Andriy Biletsky. The latter “mentioned in 2008 that Ukraine’s mission is to ‘lead the white races of the world in a final crusade…against the Untermenschen [les sous-humains] ruled by the Semites”. »

  • This Nazi unit was partially financed by one of the main Ukrainian oligarchs, Ihor Kolomoisky.
  • The man who promoted the political rise of a certain Volodymyr Zelensky, the current Ukrainian president.
  • It took up the symbols of the Black Sun and the Wolfsangel, used in particular by the 2nd SS Panzer Das Reich division.
  • The Azov Battalion was integrated into the National Guard of Ukraine in 2014 following the first Minsk agreements.

The Ukrainian army can’t resist including neo-Nazi symbols in its advertisements…

Whether intentionally or through ignorance – the fact is always alarming, because not only the nationalist #Azov battalion has certain “image problems”.

A clip on the origin of the “Black Sun” and why white supremacists, neo-Nazis and even Satanists love it so much.

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