A stern warning to all politicians, cabals and all who work and support them! – The Informant.

A stern warning to all politicians, cabals and all who work and support them!

Posted on 7.6.2022

Politicians are beaten and stoned by the starving people. Take note…‼️ (May 4) Clashes broke out between police and protesters outside the Prime Minister’s residence in Armenia.

The opposition has been demonstrating regularly since April against the normalization of relations with Azerbaijan, which defeated Armenia after a six-week war in 2020

Dozens of people hospitalized after clashes in Armenia.

Dozens of people were injured in clashes on Friday night in the capital Yerevan, where a coalition of opposition parties staged street protests, calling on authorities to take a tougher stance on Azerbaijan neighbour.

Police said 50 people were hospitalized, including 34 officers, and 11 were taken into custody…!

They also reported that officers were pelted with rocks and other projectiles as protesters marched towards the main government building and blocked it off for more than two hours.

Police and protesters clash in Yerevan.

Recall that since the beginning of May, mass demonstrations have been taking place in Armenia against the activities of the current Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, demanding his resignation.

“Go out and answer people’s questions”

Protesters are currently outside Pashinyan’s residence demanding answers.

The ruling party boycotted the meeting of opposition factions to discuss relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan and between Armenia and Turkey.

Another angle, Armenians demonstrating in support of Russia in front of the embassy.

Armenia: Despite legislative reforms, survivors of human trafficking struggle to access justice.

Published on 31.5.2022 by Council of Europe / Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) Strasbourg

The Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) of the Council of Europe has published a new report on Armenia on the access of victims of trafficking in human beings to justice and effective remedies. GRETA acknowledges the improvements made to the legislative and policy framework but calls on the authorities to improve information for victims, improve access to legal aid and psychological assistance, facilitate access to compensation perpetrators, as well as to effectively investigate human trafficking offenses for all forms of exploitation and to promote the reintegration of victims.

Since the previous assessment in 2017, Armenia has continued to develop its legislative and policy framework to combat human trafficking: in 2021, a new criminal code and a new code of criminal procedure were adopted and amendments to the code work is in preparation. GRETA urges the authorities to ensure that access to legal aid is guaranteed as soon as there are reasonable grounds to believe that a person is a victim of human trafficking and before the person concerned has to decide whether or not it is cooperating with authorities in a criminal investigation.

The report also examines the progress made in the implementation of previous GRETA recommendations on certain topics. GRETA urges the Armenian authorities to continue strengthening the capacities and skills of all relevant officials to detect and investigate cases of trafficking for labor exploitation. In addition, the authorities should strengthen their efforts to prevent child trafficking among vulnerable groups (children in rural areas and children placed in children’s institutions) and pay greater attention to the link between child trafficking and the use information and communication technologies.

The total number of victims of trafficking identified during the period 2017-2021 in Armenia was 68. Two-thirds of the identified victims were women and girls. The dominant form of exploitation was sexual exploitation, followed by labor exploitation and forced begging. Almost all of the identified victims were Armenian nationals exploited inside Armenia. The actual number of victims of trafficking is likely higher, according to the report, as victims rarely self-identify due to lack of knowledge of their rights, stigma, feelings of shame and distrust of others. – vis-a-vis the authorities.

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