WORLD OF CLOWN, transgender “women” win first and second place in a cycling competition… Then kiss on the podium while third place is occupied by her baby. – The Informant.

CLOWN WORLD: Transgender ‘women’ win first and second place in a cycling competition… Then kiss on the podium while third place is taken by her baby.

Published on 6.6.2022

All over the world, women are pushed out of sporting events by male-to-female transgender people.

When female athletes attempt to point out the inherent injustice of allowing a “female” transgender person to compete in women’s athletic competitions, they are often subjected to intimidation and harassment.

That’s what happened when two teammates of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas tried to speak out against the unfair advantage she enjoyed in swimming competitions. The media caught them and incited harassment against them.

A picture-perfect picture of the clown world we live in was captured in London this week when two transgender cyclists won first and second place in a competition.

The cyclists embraced on the podium while third place was taken by her baby.

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Breitbart Reports:

Two men embrace as they celebrate the theft of first and second place in a women’s race… A woman tends to her child as she stands in third place to which she was relegated because of cheaters.

  • This photo perfectly illustrates the history of gender ideology. Men first, the needs of women and children second.

On Thursday at London’s ThundCrit cycling event, two biological men identifying as women took first and second place, then celebrated their ‘achievement’ by kissing on the podium as the winner of the third place, an actual woman, held her baby.

Emily Bridges and Lilly Chant, the two men who placed first and second, were competing in ThunderCrit’s “Lightning” category. According to the website, this category is reserved for “cis women, non-binary people”, as well as “men and trans women whose physical performance is closest to that of cis women.” »

Bridges, 21, has tried unsuccessfully to make her way into women’s cycling competitions across the UK over the past few months. As reported Hannah Bleau of Breitbart in MarchBridges was denied access to the national omnium championships.

Bridges underwent hormone treatment. However, as the dominance of UPenn transgender swimmer Lia Thomas demonstrates, hormone therapy is utterly inadequate to erase men’s natural physical advantages over women. »

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