COVID 19 Vaccines Introduction Shows Permanent Disabilities Rise!

Ed Down is an equity investment executive. In May, he was on Steve Bannon’s The War Room to report on the

First Quarter 2022 numbers coming from funeral homes and insurance companies.

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In March, he stated that the US millennials (25-44) faced a record 84% increase in excess mortality during the last four months of 2021.

This Friday, Ed Down shared an update after first-quarter numbers were shared.

Ed Dowd: “The overarching theme is excessive mortality remains elevated to the surprise of many executives…
…We have excess deaths running around 20% in Q1. We’ll see if that continues into Q2.”

The numbers are shocking, but the MSM still ignores them.

Ed Dowd shared another statistic that is ignored by the MSM. The rise in permanent disabilities during the C-19 pandemic.

It’s not only the number of unexplained deaths and side medical events from the shot, but now we see that Americans are getting on disability after the C-19 vaccine rollout.

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