China leaves ‘serious consequences’ hanging over – The Informer.

Canada faces ‘serious consequences’ if he continues to participate in military patrols off North Koreawarned China.


Published on 6.6.2022 by AFP

The Chinese government has blasted Canada’s “provocations” following interceptions by Chinese aircraft of Canadian reconnaissance planes.

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According to Ottawa and the Canadian Armed Forces, CP-140 Aurora reconnaissance aircraft have been intercepted more than once by aircraft of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) while carrying out monitoring to enforce embargoes against North Korea, under the aegis of the UN

“During these interactions, PLAAF aircraft failed to meet international aviation safety standards. These interactions are unprofessional and/or endanger the safety of our Royal Canadian Air Force personnel,” the army denounced on 1er June, implying that Chinese interventions were forcing Canadian aircraft to change flight paths.

However, China sees these interventions differently.

“The UN Security Council has never authorized any country to exercise military surveillance of the airspace and seas of other countries for the purpose of enforcing sanctions”, denounced Zhao Lijian in a press briefing on Monday, according to comments relayed by Reuters.

A Chinese military spokesman, Wu Qian, added that his country has taken “reasonable, vigorous and professional measures in response to Canada’s provocative acts and unfriendly and unprofessional operations”.

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Canada accuses Chinese aviation of dangerous conduct.

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The Canadian military has accused the Chinese air force of ‘unprofessional conduct that may have endangered members of the Canadian air force’ during recent interactions in international airspace in Asia .

The Canadian aircraft were deployed to Japan as part of multinational efforts to enforce sanctions against North Korea.

While in flight, Canadian planes found themselves facing Chinese military planes which were obviously trying to make them change course, “without respecting international safety standards”, explains the press release published Wednesday evening by the army. Canadian.

In some cases, the Canadian pilots had to abruptly alter their course to “avoid a collision with the planes trying to intercept them”, the statement said, adding that the Chinese planes were sometimes so close that their crew “were clearly visible”. .

The Canadian army also notes that this type of military interaction in the international arena during missions carried out within the framework of the sanctions voted by the UN is becoming more and more frequent, and that “this problem has already been mentioned by the diplomatic channels.

US intelligence believes North Korea is preparing for its first nuclear test since 2017.

The United States had asked the UN Security Council last Thursday to toughen sanctions against North Korea after a series of missile launches, including an intercontinental ballistic missile.

But China, North Korea’s main ally, and Russia, whose relations with the West have deteriorated dramatically since its invasion of Ukraine, have vetoed, saying tougher sanctions would not only increase the tension and would therefore be counterproductive.

In June 2019, two Canadian ships operating in the East China Sea were followed during their passage by several Chinese vessels and by military planes, some of which had come to raze the boats.

Beijing considers the China Sea as its zone of influence and has for years carried out countless actions to try to appropriate these international waters: military provocations against foreign planes or ships, sometimes even simple fishing boats; construction of facilities on disputed islets, or by drilling offshore, again in contested areas.

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