The Chinese vaccine against Covid causes leukemia according to the families of the patients. – The Informant.

The Chinese vaccine against Covid causes leukemia according to the families of the patients.

Posted on 5.6.2022 by Frank Yue

A growing number of Chinese citizens report being diagnosed with leukemia after receiving the vaccines against the Covid and claim that the authorities consider their allegations a threat to social order, without providing answers to their requests.

According to Wang Jun (pseudonym), a resident of Hujia County in Panjin City, Liaoning Province, for Epoch Times on May 31, his wife was diagnosed with acute leukemia after receiving both Sinovac injections.

“She had her first injection in our city on May 14 last year”explains Mr. Wang, ” [c’était] a product of Sinovac, which is in Beijing. Then the second on June 4.

Hong Kong began Covid-19 vaccination for priority groups, including people over 60, on February 26. The photo shows two officials receiving the Chinese-made Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine. (SongBilong /Epoch Times)

Four days later, she began to suffer from a persistent headache that occurred daily and was resistant to painkillers. It took until September 22 for doctors to conclude from her extremely low platelet count that she had leukemia.

Previously, his wife had been in good health with no history of exposure to toxic substances or blood transfusions, Wang said. Their family also had no history of leukemia.

Mr. Wang explains that one of his former colleagues developed the same disease, and that there were six cases of leukemia in his city alone last year.

Ms. Lin, mother of a 14-year-old girl who lives in Loudi City, Hunan Province, told Epoch Times that her daughter was diagnosed with myeloid leukemia in November 2021, two months after receiving her second injection of Sinovac.

“I believe that my child’s illness [la leucémie] has something to do with vaccines”she explains. “My daughter had an operation for congenital heart disease. Before doing the shots, I consulted the CDC [local], asking if she was fit to receive the Covid vaccines, and they said yes. »

A Mr. Yang, from Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, said his M2a acute myelogenous leukemia was confirmed in April 2022, and he had symptoms of severe anemia and limb weakness. He was vaccinated with Sinovac in July 2021 and developed a large patch of petechiae on his body a month later.

A financial burden

Mr. Wang’s family spent more than 200,000 yuan (about 28,000 US dollars) in eight months to treat his wife’s illness. It is a blow for the family, explains Mr. Wang.

Ms. Lin reported to Epoch Times that her daughter’s five chemotherapy treatments cost her more than 500,000 yuan (about 70,000 euros). She had to mortgage her house.

In China, patients have to pay for most medical treatments, as general medical insurance only covers a limited number of benefits pre-approved by the authorities and excludes a large number of imported drugs which are more expensive, but more effective. and generally cause fewer side effects.

Doubtful official response

During an anti-Covid conference organized by the Joint Prevention and Control Unit of the State Council on May 27, a specialist from the Chinese CDC vaguely answered a question about post-vaccine leukemia.

Wang Huaqing, China CDC’s chief immunization planning expert, neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of a link between Covid vaccines and the onset of leukemia. He in no way bothered to cite a comparative study that would indicate (or not) a change in the number of leukemia cases before and during the pandemic.

Instead, he insisted on following reporting procedures and relying on reasonable evidence to assess results.

No authority takes responsibility

When it comes to a medical evaluation for his wife’s leukemia, Mr. Wang is indignant, the various authorities choose to push the blame a little further.

“Once we submitted it, our complaint even stayed in our city for a month”he explains. ” They [les responsables locaux de la ville] said they couldn’t escalate our case to a higher level because it meant they were indirectly acknowledging that Covid injections lead to leukemia. »

Worse still, local officials were unwilling to provide him with any proof of vaccination.

Mr. Wang contacted the local health commission, the vaccine manufacturer and the CDC, but the officials or specialists found various excuses to delay their response, refuse to provide an official paper or sign any document.

Mr. Wang is still waiting for a response from the authorities.

An open letter calling for help censored

In early May, an open letter was circulating online informing people about the situation of people with leukemia. But, the original text was resolutely censored on the Chinese Web, WeChat displaying a message indicating that the content could not be diffused “due to a suspected violation of important laws, regulations and policies”.

The letter states: “We voluntarily collected information on over 1000 cases, including who received the vaccine, when and where they were vaccinated, health status before vaccination, symptoms after vaccination, type of leukemia and treatments. These detailed data and information have a certain statistical significance. »

The letter also expresses distrust of CDC-approved specialists, who unanimously cite a “coincidence” of so many people simultaneously suffering from leukemia after the injections.

“A so-called ‘chance coincidence’ theory cannot justify the occurrence of more than 1000 cases [de leucémie] among us “claims the letter to refute the official explanation.

The victims are also angry at the heavy-handed response by authorities who see them as a threat to social stability and targets to be eliminated, citing a document apparently leaked from the National Health Commission.

A leaked document from the National Health Commission suggests that Chinese authorities have acknowledged the existence of post-vaccination leukemia patients. (Twitter/Screenshot Epoch Times)

According to this official document, before March 2022, the highest medical authority already knew that some people had leukemia following vaccinations. The document refers to a list of names given to various branches in each province to monitor the comings and goings of patients on behalf of the “maintaining social stability”.

The victims and their families tried to contact journalists and lawyers, but none wanted to help them, the letter continues.

The open letter warns of a potential crisis, as confirmed cases will emerge endlessly as long as vaccinations continue and society is determined to ignore the situation.

There are no official studies linking Covid vaccination to a subsequent diagnosis of leukemia.

Finally, the letter urges the main national vaccine manufacturer, Sinovac Biotech, to release funds to help the victims and asks the Chinese regime to no longer consider them as victims. “enemies”.

China’s National Health Commission could not be reached for comment, despite several attempts at press time. Sinovac Biotech also declined to respond to an interview request.


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