Soros-funded LA prosecutor lies about sheriff backing criminally lenient sentence for would-be murderer. – The Informant.

Soros-funded LA prosecutor lies about sheriff backing criminally lenient sentence for would-be murderer.

Published on 5.6.2022

George Gascon, backed by Soros, lies about the sheriff accepting a light sentence for a minor who ran over a woman and her son in a stolen vehicle.

George Gascon, the Soros-backed Los Angeles District Attorney who is at risk of recall, recently granted a minor who ran over (thankfully without death) a woman and her eight-month-old son in a stroller with a stolen vehicle , a miniscule five-month probation, and no jail time. He then claimed that the county sheriff’s office agreed with the lenient sentence. This was not the case.

Hit and run surveillance video

The minor pleaded guilty to two counts of assault by force likely to produce substantial bodily harm and one count of hit and run. However, under George Gascon, his sentence was only five months in a probation camp for minors, which prosecutors describe as “less than a military school and a little harsher than a camp. summer “.

Not only does the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department disagree with the sentence, they weren’t even consulted. They were not the investigative body during the case. Gascon lied like a tooth-puller, without any basis.

Crooked LA DA George Gascon

In retaliation for Gascon’s complaint attempting to smear the Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva issued the following statement on Facebook and Twitter.

“Sheriff’s investigators would never agree to a light sentence in this hit-and-run case. Stop empowering and encouraging criminal behavior. Ask them for #VictimesMatter accounts”.

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Mr. Gascon is in danger of being called back, because even liberals in Los Angeles are fed up with his ridiculously lenient “sentences” and refusal to prosecute, which puts criminals first and victims last.

“I thought these were the last moments of our lives; we were dead,” the victim, identified only as Rachel, wrote in an impact statement. “That feeling, along with the memory of a car speeding straight at us, will haunt me forever.”

If not for Rachel’s heroic actions, she and her son would likely have been murdered by the driver. Still, Gascon saw fit to give him only five months probation. A pat on the hand that will be erased from his criminal record when he turns 18, in less than a year, leaving many wondering how this could possibly be justice.

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