IT NEVER ENDS! News of last week’s US Census ‘blunder’ is far more serious than you might think… How their ‘mistake’ will give Democrats the chance to win elections in critical states for decades. – The Informant.

IT NEVER ENDS! News of last week’s US Census ‘blunder’ is far more serious than you might think… How their ‘mistake’ will give Democrats the chance to win elections in critical states for decades.

Published on 5.6.2022

An article by Jeff Childers, Coffee & Covid.

This week, The Hill published an article titled “Census blunder could tip the year 2024 on the side of the Democrats”. Not one more!

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

It looks like the Census Bureau has admitted it made a mistake when calculating official population numbers after the 2020 election, and – this will shock you – the errors have resulted in Democratic states getting a bunch of more representatives and voters that they do not deserve. For example, Florida and Texas did not receive the representatives and voters they should have had, while New York and California received more representatives and voters than they had.

The Hill estimated that using correct numbers would tip the Electoral College in favor of Republicans by 7%. In other words, it’s worth about 20 electoral college votes, or as much as a large state; for example, Michigan has 16 votes.

From The Hill : At the risk of misusing an expression, the presidential election of 2024 could be the most important – and perhaps the closest – in history. The Census Bureau’s announcement last week of serious errors will impact congressional allocations and delegations for the next decade and play a crucial role in the race for the presidency. Given the nature of the mistakes, Democrats could cling to the presidency in particularly contentious circumstances due to publicly acknowledged mistakes.

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These changes will have a considerable impact on national politics. The 2020 census brought significant changes to the distribution of congressional seats among states. Texas gained two seats in Congress, while North Carolina, Florida, Montana, Colorado and Oregon each gained one. New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and California each lost a seat in Congress. The fact that the winning states in terms of population growth, such as Texas and Florida, did not gain more seats came as a big surprise.

The Census Bureau acknowledged that 14 states had significant counting errors in the 2020 census. See if you notice a pattern here: Hawaii, Delaware, Rhode Island, Minnesota, New York and Massachusetts are among the States where the numbers are too high. Five of those six states voted for Joe Biden in that year’s presidential election. Underscoring states include Texas, Illinois, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas. Five of those six states voted for Donald Trump.

Can this mistake be corrected in time for the midterm elections or the 2024 presidential election? No. The Supreme Court considered whether revised and more accurate numbers could be used for reassignment in 1999 and determined that such differences could not be taken into account in the congressional seat count. The inaccurate figures for 2020 will be maintained. Since nearly all of the mistakes have benefited the Democrats, the risk of undermining confidence in the Census Bureau and the election is significant. The only potential lifeline for the GOP is that the current Supreme Court might consider a challenge based on the exact figure. So far, there are no challenges – and the time to file one is running out quickly.

I realize that you are probably upset by this situation, but you should understand that the Census Bureau deeply regrets this error and the inconvenience it may have inadvertently caused. Unfortunately, since the districts have already been drawn, there is simply nothing to do until the next round of census, which will take place AFTER the 2024 election. But at least they admitted their mistake, right?

No one was fired or sanctioned as a result of this “error”. Because they are only human. Don’t be a fascist.

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