A former Wisconsin judge was killed in his home… The names of two Democratic governors and a Republican lawmaker appear on an alleged “target list” in the shooter’s vehicle. – The Informant.

A former Wisconsin judge was killed in his home… The names of two Democratic governors and a Republican lawmaker appear on an alleged “target list” in the shooter’s vehicle.

Published on 5.6.2022

Police were called to the New Lisbon home of retired Juneau County judge John Roemer, 68, last night to reports of gunshots. When the Juneau County Sheriff arrived, he discovered the body of the former judge, who was shot and tied to his chair, along with the alleged shooter, who shot himself and is currently in hospital. in critical condition.

Retired Juneau County Judge John Roemer

Police believe the motive for the judge’s shooting death was a sentence passed by the judge on the 56-year-old shooter.

“We believe it was a targeted incident,” told reporterss State Attorney General Josh Kaul. “Because this is an ongoing investigation, we are not going to go into the details of the information available, but so far the information collected indicates that it was targeted and that the targeting was based on some kind of case or court cases. »

While searching the suspect’s vehicle, they discovered a ‘target list’ that included the names of Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Democratic WI Governor Tony Evers and Democratic MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer .

This isn’t the first time Gretchen Whitmer has been an alleged target. In 2021, as the polls for the Democratic governor plummeted due to her dismal handling of Michigan’s COVID crisis, a story about an uncovered “plot” to “kidnap” the governor suddenly gave new life. life to the “victim” Whitmer. It was later discovered that the so-called “plot” to kidnap Whitmer appeared to be orchestrated by the FBI.

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Like the suspects in Governor Whitmer’s ‘kidnapping’ case, which collapsed under court scrutiny, WTMJ’s John Mercure reported that the 56-year-old suspect was a member of a militia.

According to the Daily Mailthe case is being treated as a homicide and domestic terrorism case, and authorities are reviewing court records.

We are waiting to find out why this case is called “domestic terrorism”.

In June 2021Joe Biden ordered a review of how federal agencies dealt with domestic extremism soon after taking office, part of an effort to recognize white supremacists and militias as major security threats national.

Could it be that, in order for AG Merrick Garland’s ridiculous assertion that “domestic terrorism” is America’s greatest threat to hold up, isolated homicide cases are now labeled as “domestic terrorism”? interior” to bolster the credibility of their false narrative? It’s not like our government isn’t capable of running massive disinformation campaigns in an effort to create false narratives. Not so long ago, hospitals, nursing homes and nursing homes listed “COVID” as the cause of death for people with terminal cancer or simply dying of old age to to increase the total number of COVID cases, creating the perfect storm for Democrats to demand nationwide mail-in ballots, no questions asked, for the November 2020 election, creating the least secure election in US history.

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