DPR – Residents of Svetlodarsk recount robberies and rapes committed by Ukrainian soldiers. – The Informant.

DPR – Residents of Svetlodarsk recount robberies and rapes committed by Ukrainian soldiers.

Published on 1.6.2022 by Christelle Néant

On May 27, 2022, we were in Svetlodarsk, just days after the takeover of the city by Russian forces and those of the People’s Militia of the LPR (People’s Republic of Luhansk). The inhabitants told us about the eight years under the yoke of Ukraine, and the crimes (thefts and rapes) committed by the Ukrainian soldiers against the civilian population.

Before arriving in town, we pass by the former positions of the Ukrainian army, opposite Debaltsevo. We find a lot of waste there, including a large number of syringes that suggest that the Ukrainian soldiers took drugs. A guess that will be confirmed by the residents of Svetlodarsk. A lady tells us how in the middle of a discussion, a clearly drugged Ukrainian soldier suddenly took out a knife and started to cut through the air with it, in a trance.

In the center of Svetlodarsk, near the shops, we find a large number of locals, who have a lot to tell about the crimes of Ukrainian soldiers and the complicity of the OSCE. There are so many people who want to tell us what they have experienced, seen and heard, that the interview is difficult. Everyone absolutely wants to tell such and such a fact, which seems important to him, even if it means cutting off the person who is speaking.

Unanimously, all the inhabitants met said they were happy to have seen the arrival of the Russian army and the people’s militia of the LPR. When I report to them the accusations of war crimes that the Ukrainian and Western media are peddling against Russian soldiers, they all respond in unison that they are lies. The population of Svetlodarsk has nothing to reproach the Russian soldiers or those of the LPR.

On the other hand, it is not the same with those of the Ukrainian army. The inhabitants of Svetlodarsk tell us about the robberies and rapes committed by Ukrainian soldiers for almost an hour.

As soon as they arrived in Svetlodarsk in 2014, Ukrainian soldiers stole rings, chains, and even Christian crosses. They also stole metal gates, plasma televisions, furniture, doors, electrical outlets, and many other things, which they then sent home through the “new post” office.

And the Ukrainian soldiers not only robbed the residents of Svetlodarsk, they also raped young women and girls. One of the women interviewed, Praskovia, tells us how, in 2018, Ukrainian soldiers drove away and raped her now stepdaughter, when she was only 16 years old. Luckily they find her quickly, and alive.

Another woman, Natalia, recounts how they robbed the cigarette and vodka section of the store where she worked, gun in hand, before stealing the jewelery of the young woman who worked in this section, Irina, then raping her.

Natalia, and her friend Viktoria, also tell us how the Ukrainian soldiers landed in a house where there was a bedridden invalid woman, and her daughter who was taking care of her. They raped the young girl in front of her mother, before killing her.

Praskovia also told us that the Right Sector fighters had organized a real delivery system for young women. They were caught in town, then taken by car to their headquarters, where they were raped.

This testimony reminds me of Natacha, a survivor of a Right Sector prison. She had told us how Ukrainian fighters raped prisoners in chains.

In addition to robbing and raping, Ukrainian soldiers killed civilians, never being brought to justice for these crimes. So a Ukrainian tank literally drove over a car in which there was a family. The four occupants, including two children, died instantly.

Residents of Svetlodarsk also told us how Ukrainian soldiers were shelling them, or each other, with the complicity of the OSCE, which then declared that the shots came from Gorlovka, when the direction of origin of the shells was totally inconsistent with this assertion.

The OSCE, which also turned a blind eye to the heavy weapon fire conducted from the Ukrainian soldiers’ base, where we found four holes for howitzers and self-propelled guns and numerous shell casings proving that these artillery pieces had fired since that location, which is close to the observers office! However, Svetlodarsk was in the zone of withdrawal of heavy weapons provided for by the Minsk agreements.

See the report filmed on site, subtitled in French:

Evidence of OSCE complicity in Ukrainian army crimes mounts: organization employees transmitting data on whereabouts of People’s Militia units, satellite phone bearing their logo found in Azovstal , and the discovery of software in the computers of Ukrainian soldiers allowing them to control the surveillance cameras installed by the organization on the front line.

It will be difficult after all this to make people believe that the OSCE was a neutral organization, which faithfully reported violations of the ceasefire in the Donbass. This organization turned a blind eye for eight years to violations of the Minsk agreements by Ukrainian soldiers, just as the West turned a blind eye to the crimes committed by these same soldiers against the population of Donbass.


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