A show by Richard Berry, accused of incest, disturbed by Femen, “pleads guilty”. – The Informant.

A show by Richard Berry, accused of incest, disturbed by Femen.

Posted on 1.6.2022

Accused of sexual assault and rape by his daughter, the actor was arrested by three feminist activists in the middle of a performance of his show “Plaidoiries” at the Free Theater.

He didn’t even have time to start his show. On the stage of the Free Theater, where he is currently playing his “Plaidoiries”, actor Richard Berry was arrested by three Femen about his daughter’s incest accusations, reports The Parisian, Thursday, May 26. At the start of the performance this Wednesday, when the actor was about to put on his lawyer’s robe to interpret five texts from major legal trials, feminist activists emerged screaming “Curtain on Berry!” “.

Accused of incest by his daughter Coline Berry-Rojtman, Richard Berry was arrested on stage by three Femen activists, before being applauded by his audience.

The Femen have succeeded. On Wednesday May 25, when actor Richard Berry entered the Théâtre Libre de Paris during the performance of his show Plaidoiries, three feminists topless burst onto the stage shouting “Rideau sur Berry” with each inscription ” Berry pleads guilty ” on their chest.

This action follows the trial against him. The actor has been confronted for more than a year with the accusations of his daughter Coline Berry-Rojtman who filed a complaint against him for “rape and sexual assault on a minor”. Facts, which would have taken place, according to the complainant, when she was 8 or 9 years old with the alleged complicity of the ex-wife of the actor, Jeane Manson. The two defendants totally deny this incrimination which is, according to them, totally unfounded.

Richard Berry heckled: his show stopped

the group of activists women, staunch defender of women’s rights, is known for his very provocative actions. In addition, the purpose of this intervention was to support the victims of incest, here mainly Coline Berry, but also to denounce the cynical situation surrounding the accusations of the young woman.

Following this event, the movement expressed itself on Twitter. ” Seriously ? How can a man presumed guilty and accused of rape and assault on a minor perform by becoming the spokesperson for those who fight against injustice? »

The director of the Theater quickly came to the defense of Richard Berry

The director of the Theater, Jean-Marc Dumontet, very quickly won the stage to evacuate the activists and defend the actor.

According to him, “It’s an absolute ordeal to be dragged through the mud of not being able to defend yourself. As a theater director, I don’t have the right to be a judge or ban Mr. Berry. I have no right to forbid him to do his job.he said to the applause of the audience, reports the Parisian.

Nevertheless, the agitation quickly subsided since Richard Berry still played on stage as if there had been no disturbance and was loudly applauded at the end of the show.

Moreover, while the actor is presumed innocent, his ex-wife, she has not said her last word. Jeane Manson has decided to defend herself against the accusations of Coline Berry-Rojtman. Indeed, Jeane Manson filed a complaint for defamation. A choice much criticized by the association “Choosing the cause of women”, which it finds absurd and scandalous.


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