US Criminal Trial Of ‘Global Conspirators’

US Criminal Trial Of 'Global Conspirators'

Stargate Newsletter:
US Criminal Trial Of ‘Global Conspirators’

NZ Prime Minister Ardern has been named alongside her [D]eep [S]tate colleagues in a criminal trial of ‘global conspirators with the World Economic Forum’. BOOM.

The Victorian government is determined to take full control of their citizens. They are proposing to ban gas appliances in the home and intend to eventually ban all petrol and diesel vehicles.

Excellent post from Pepe Lives Matter. I have put two sentences in italics because I consider them very important. Please note those two sentences.

Although we will likely see more panic and more resistance from [them] it’s important to understand that they will ultimately fail in their endeavors. Yes, there are still many brainwashed sheep who have no idea their emotions are being manipulated by evil people but remember: The world is already far more awake than at any point in modern history.

This is an unassailable fact.

Every single move they make only awakens more people and those of us who are already red pilled have become undeniably and unreversably hardened in our resolve and awareness.

Will it get more rocky as justice draws near? Yes.

Will more wake up in the meantime? Yes.

Will Patriots ultimately win and will Trump fulfill his promise that America will be made great and the best is yet to come? Absolutely.

Remember that once a person awakens they cannot go back to sleep and an awakened public is their greatest fear.

The deep state plays a dangerous game with every move they make and they are careening recklessly into their own demise.

As difficult as it can be to ascertain this through the fog this is the truth: They push this hard because they are a weak and desperate foe. Their power is an illusion compared to God’s. They are finding this to be true the longer this goes on. No one can stop what’s happening when it is God that leads them further into a parted red sea. Where they will lose absolutely everything. Suddenly.

Finally, promise me you will watch this little three minute video right to the end, okay..?? You will see why.

On that note, Light Warriors please stay positive and have faith in the Alliance plan. We have overcome so many obstacles to reach this point. As Pepe Lives Matter said, more people are awake now than in any other time in modern history. An awakened public is the [D]eep [S]tate’s GREATEST FEAR.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



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