Who Was the Alien who Allegedly Lived at the Pentagon?

Val Thor

The other day I was working on one of my other websites. Concurrently, I had some random UFO documentary on TV playing in the background. I like background TV when I’m doing work. That’s when I heard them talking about an individual called “Valiant Thor”. Valiant Thor was allegedly an alien who came to Earth to provide some type of assistance to humanity in the late 1950’s.

Now, when it comes to reputable sightings, I’m generally well-read. But I had never heard of Valiant Thor before. I immediately began doing some cursory research to see if this documentary was digging through real historical evidence or simply pedaling an already-known hoax (as many of them do).

I’m hugely skeptical of these types of stories. I’ll explain why as we get deeper into my analysis.

Who Was Valiant Thor? The Claims…

Allegedly, Valiant Thor (who also went by just “Val”) was an alien from Venus.

He had an IQ of 1200, and spoke 100 different languages. He looked mostly human, but he had 6 fingers on each hand and had some other internal physiological differences as well[1].

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor supposedly had 6 fingers on each hand | Image Source: YouTube

After working for the US government for some time, he left in his spaceship.

Notable figures of the time such as President Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon both met him during his stay here on Earth[2].

Phil Schneider: The Originator of the Story

Much of this story comes from Phil Schneider. He was a geologist and engineer who claimed to have worked on various secret government projects.

Schneider also said he’d met Thor himself. Here is a video of Phil Schneider talking about Valiant Thor:


Dr. Frank Stranges: Another Witness

Dr. Stranges was the author of the book, Stranger at the Pentagon, in which he talks about the alien from Venus who worked at the Pentagon.

Stranges claimed to have met Thor on at least one occasion.

It is also claimed that Valiant Thor attended a meeting with some of the world’s greatest scientist on the USS Eldridge just 3 days before the Philadelphia Experiment commenced.

Valiant Thor was allegedly sent to Earth to discuss the implications of humanity’s nuclear weapons[3].

Is There Any Proof? Was Valiant Thor Real?

Sadly, we only have the words of these two men to go on. If there are documents that provide proof, they’ve either been destroyed or extremely well hidden.

In addition, we know that Venus is extremely hot. And while I’m open to the idea that a humanoid life form might be able to evolve to live there, it’s very unlikely any organism adapted for that environment would be able to also walk around on the earth without some kind of protection.

The interesting thing though is that no one seems to be able to definitively prove the Valiant Thor story to be a hoax. There are no confessions of fabrication or smoking guns to indicate someone lied about what they saw.

Nevertheless, we must tread lightly. While the stories are compelling, until concrete evidence is found, we must treat them as simply stories.

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Featured Image Source: YouTube



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