The Portal: Happy Birthday

The Portal: Happy Birthday

Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it.

If it’s about constant whining, complaining, waiting for others to do something (passivity) and aggression/attacks, then I see it like you – the 10th anniversary of this blog is probably not a reason to celebrate.

If it’s about someone (Cobra) making it their business to help with disclosure, bring lightworkers/lightwarriors/truthers/pathshowers (you name it) together, show opportunities to support and advance the liberation of the planet, organize meditations, etc. – and that WITHOUT ever once complaining or giving up – then I see very many reasons to celebrate.

I honor Cobra for all that he does – for his courage, his perseverance, his absolutely honest intentions, his knowledge, his dedication, his patience …

I feel gratitude that we have off-world support (at sacrifices made, by the way; the Light Forces can suffer, too) – and this despite the fact that there are every now and then (sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle) malicious comments against the Light Forces.

I am glad for every comment here that is made AFTER

– an attempt has been made to see the whole picture,

– it was acknowledged that here we can perceive only a section of the whole and we probably lack the knowledge and the ability to grasp everything,

– the proportion of the personal experienced suffering to the rest of the world has been considered,

– the added value of the comment for the readers of this blog and to what extent the comment contributes to the solution of a/the problem have been evaluated,

– one has honestly become aware of the real intention of a comment,

– one has accepted that each comment carries an energy that can have an impact on the readers and the whole process.

I am happy about many comments here, which acknowledge the work of Cobra and the Light Forces (thus support them energetically and bring us further on our journey) or point out interesting points of view or respond in an appreciative way to comments made here or give encouragement or make us think or …

I am proud of all of us who persevere (we all have down times, it just depends on how we deal with it), give our best and realize the power we really have in cooperation and mutual support.

I feel so much appreciation for all those who manage (or at least try) – despite all the sacrifices they have had to make, despite all the suffering they experience (“doing this work” takes its toll, as all those involved know) – to keep the spotlight on what has been achieved or prevented, and in this way hold and support the Light. We do not know when and how the change will come, but we can be sure that nothing will change if we remain in victim mode and passive in the long run.

So, all in all, I think we have every reason to celebrate. It’s always a question of perspective.




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