Members Zoom Meeting Friday 27 March, 2022. 7pm

Members Zoom Meeting Friday 27 March, 2022. 7pm

Posted by Sheryl
Posted on Mar – 20 – 2022

Please note, this is a UFO Research Queensland members only meeting and is FREE for members. If you are not a member and would like to attend please visit our home page and click JOIN UFORQ. A zoom link is sent to members a few days before the meeting.

Best cases from the Birmingham UFO Group (BUFOG – UK)
Since BUFOG’s inception, Chairman Dave Hodrien has directly investigated hundreds of UFO sightings and contact cases from around the world. These experiences have been extremely varied, and sometimes very impressive indeed.

In this lecture we welcome the return of Dave Hodrien who will be covering some of the most interesting cases reported to BUFOG over the years. Since becoming an investigator, Dave’s views on the phenomenon have only been strengthened, and he looks forward to sharing with you the reasons why. You will both see and hear astounding evidence that supports the UFO reality – evidence that includes multiple witness sightings, close encounters with landed craft and their occupants, repeated contact experiences, photographed body markings and implants, and video footage that may actually show an abduction taking place!

Dave will also cover his experiences in managing the group, and provide an overview of how sightings are both received and investigated. Whether you’re already familiar with BUFOG or not, prepare for a fascinating talk.

About Dave Hodrien
Dave is the Chairman and lead investigator for the Birmingham UFO Group (BUFOG) and the United Kingdom Deputy Representative for the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER). He regularly writes for UFO Truth Magazine and has previously written for a number of other magazines. He has spoken at many well-known conferences, and given educational classes on UFO investigation. He has appeared on television and radio numerous times, and has designed a UFO themed card game!

Since 2008 Dave has directly investigated hundreds of sightings and contact experiences from around the world. He believes that the evidence available points towards regular interaction between numerous advanced extra-terrestrial intelligences and the human race.

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