Members Zoom Meeting Friday 25 February, 2022. 7pm AEST (Brisbane)

Members Zoom Meeting Friday 25 February, 2022. 7pm AEST (Brisbane)

Communicating with the Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI): BEHIND Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UFO/UAP) with Dr Eamonn Ansbro

Two hypotheses are proposed regarding the possible ETI responsible for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UFO/UAP) are the zoo hypothesis (ZH) and the laboratory hypothesis (LH).  According to the ZH, UFOs reflect the existence of an intelligence that has been monitoring the Earth for some time. According to the ZH, possibly altruistic zoo keepers are subjecting humanity to experiments designed to accelerate the pace of development of human civilization until the human species has overcome its tendency towards actions that could destroy itself  and until humankind is sufficiently developed to establish contact.   

UFOs may be the first evidence of an ETI technosignature around Earth. This class of technosignatures are presented as exogenous intelligent probes that may go beyond the ZH. The LH fits this framework and suggests the importance of further scientific research in a wide range of categories including UFO physics, UFO patterns, UFO behaviour,  and the development of relations with the ETI behind UFO intelligence using possibly novel methods of communication.

We therefore need to address the human recognition and acknowledgment of the existence of a possible  advanced  ETI interacting with us around Earth, which already has begun to impact global circumstances.  After recognition, it is important to research how to make contact and develop a relationship with this ETI. This requires a democratic approach that encompasses all human beings, since no one government speaks for all humans on Earth. 

The development of the communications technologies may provide the first contact for SETI. We use observable outcomes to support the hypothesis that ETI manifests within the framework of UAP. We explore the possibility that observations of UAP may reveal characteristics of this ETI’s technology that could be used to help human beings communicate with it.   

We furthermore suggest means to address the societal impacts of the recognition and acknowledgement of ETI.  We also propose aims to contribute to the scientific development of the research on UAP and ETI by focusing on observable outcomes.

About Eamonn Ansbro

Eamonn has a Master’s degree with Distinction in Astronomy from University of Western Sydney, Australia; a Master of Philosophy degree in Astronomy and PhD in Astronomy from the Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute at Open University (UK) where he carried out a 10 year outer Solar System survey.

He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and is the National Coordinator for Ireland in Astronomy Education for the International Astronomical Union. 

He is co-founder and national representative for Ireland of International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER) with Chair of Scientific Research Group.  He has memberships of UK SETI Research Network, European Astrobiology Network Association, Scientific Coalition for UAP, UFODATA PROJECT, Society of Photo Instrument Engineers and EU Cost Action member for Polarimetry Studies in the Solar System.

He was one of the early pioneers in UFO Instrumental Research. SETI KINGSLAND (  and  UFODATA PROJECT  

The intelligence behind UFOs led to new experimental quantum communications systems. He holds Directorships of Space Exploration Ltd in Spain and Ireland, (

Kingsland Observatory (Ireland) and Observatorio de las Animas (Spain)  ( These facilities provide remote access to a wide range of optical telescopes and instruments for multi wavelength observations in astrophysics and astronomy.

Eamonn has a wide range of scientific papers and articles in SETI research, planetary science and instrumentation and has given many international presentations.   He has a number of awards, patents and publications, specifically in Solar System, SETI, Astrobiology, Instrumentation, Optics, 3D imaging, spectroscopy, sensors for astronomy.

Details of a new academic volume book, February 2022

Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Academic and Societal Implications. Communicating with the Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) – BEHIND Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)

Publisher, Cambridge Scholars Publications, February 2022.

Contact UFORQ : 07 3376 1780 / 0431 856 556 https://instagram/uforesearchqueensland

Information and opinions presented at these meetings do not necessarily reflect the views of UFO Research Queensland and are presented by speakers for research purposes only.



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