Are UFO’s Safe for our Environment?

Are UFO's Safe for our Environment?

What type of question is, “Are UFO’s safe for our environment”? This is a concerning question we need to consider because, we have no idea what type of propulsion system a UFO/UAP has and how it might be affecting our planet.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s Preliminary Assessment of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena stated back in June 25th, 2021:

UAP clearly pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to U.S. national security. Safety concerns primarily center on aviators contending with an increasingly cluttered air domain. UAP would also represent a national security challenge if they are foreign adversary collection platforms or provide evidence a potential adversary has developed either a breakthrough or disruptive technology.

The Preliminary Assessment also stated:

We were able to identify one reported UAP with high confidence. In that case, we identified the object as a large, deflating balloon. The others remain unexplained. • 144 reports originated from USG sources. Of these, 80 reports involved observation with multiple sensors. Most reports described UAP as objects that interrupted pre-planned training or other military activity.

So out of 144 reports that had input from: USD(I&S), DIA, FBI, NRO, NGA, NSA, Air Force, Army, Navy, Navy/ONI, DARPA, FAA, NOAA, NGA, ODNI/NIM-Emerging and Disruptive Technology, ODNI/National Counterintelligence and Security Center, and ODNI/National Intelligence Council; Only one report was identified, the other 143 are considered “Other” or unidentified.

The UAPTF (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force) also has indicated that additional funding for research and development could further the future study of the topics laid out in this report.

Bottom line? We have no idea what’s flying over our country. Superior jet fighter technology not only can’t identify these objects, they also can’t keep up with their speeds. What type of propulsion are they using?

As mentioned in my previous blogs, I believe it’s (hydrogen) and also mentioned in another previous blog, I think I can guess where they’re getting it from. But the process they use to extract the hydrogen they need will create an electro-magnetic field (EMF). Also their crafts themselves emit high levels of EMF.

EMF: Electromagnetic radiation is energy that surrounds us daily. It’s radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, gamma rays, and also sunlight.

UFO investigators look for electromagnetic fields to determine if an object emitting high energy left a residual EM footprint at a particular sight. If you watched my episodes of Alien Highway, on one episode you saw me pick up high levels of EMF while investigating a possible UFO site in Missouri. The EMF was so strong that it affected one of our cameraman’s camera, causing it to reset.

As a Animal Mutilation investigator, I’ve picked up high EMF readings from some of the animals themselves! Pictured above, this particular investigation the needle on my EMF meter was swinging full scale and “pegging” over 100 microteslas! The Earth’s magnetic field is 50, so there was a tremendous EMF associated within the head of this animal. I was actually picking up a residual electromagnetic field from the animal’s flesh! Something with a power source consisting of a large amount of EM appeared to be responsible for this mutilation. Over a period of time any EM I’ve ever measured would slowly dissipate.

  • Are UFOs/UAPs emitting large amounts of EMF in our atmosphere?
  • Are we emitting large amounts of EMF in our atmosphere?
  • And could this be affecting our environment?

Electro-magnetic fields or radiation has been a concern since cellphones have been introduced. Cell phones emit low levels of radio frequency energy, a type of non-ionizing radiation. Some say it’s harmful to humans yet others say it’s not, it basically depends on who you listen to.

Building Biology Institute (article excerpt on cellphone use):
Those who avoid the tragedy of brain cancer may find themselves battling other health problems, major and minor, such as headaches and dizziness, Alzheimer’s disease, autism and even impotence.

FDA: Do Cell Phones Pose a Health Hazard? (article excerpt):
Some people are concerned that radio frequency energy from cell phones will cause cancer or other serious health hazards. Based on the evaluation of the currently available information, the FDA believes that the weight of scientific evidence has not linked exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phone use with any health problems at or below the radio frequency exposure limits set by the FCC.

But what about the new more powerful cell phone 5G towers? Are we putting ourselves at a higher risk for better phone reception? The FAA is definitely concerned about this.

FAA Federal Aviation Administration:
In the United States, 5G services launched in 49 markets on January 19, using frequencies in a radio spectrum called the C-band. These frequencies can be close to those used by radio altimeters, an important piece of safety equipment in aircraft. To make sure that this does not lead to hazardous interference, the FAA requires that radio altimeters are accurate and reliable. 

Because the proposed 5G deployment involves a new combination of power levels, frequencies, proximity to flight operations, and other factors, the FAA must impose restrictions on flight operations using certain types of radio altimeter equipment close to antennas in 5G networks

So certain types of radio altimeter equipment in planes can be affected by 5G towers. Really altimeters? The instrument that measures height above sea level? That could be dangerous.

Note to self: Stay away from airports near 5G cell phone towers.

Well not only 5G towers emitting stronger levels of EMF is a concern, but what about the cars we drive, mainly the new electric models?

WABC News article excerpt Feb. 07, 2021, Electric cars not as ‘clean’ as one might think: Dr. Michalos explains:
Hybrid cars, in general, are going to expose you to more EMF radiation. Since Tesla is a kind of hybrid car it will expose you to more EMF radiation than a standard car. 

Due to the large batteries and motors needed for propulsion, an electric vehicle will emit (in most cases) twice as much EMF as a gasoline vehicle.

So which is worse? Fossil fuel damaging our planet or electro magnetic fields?

An article written back in 2018 on the “” was concerned about high levels of EMF and the effects here on Earth.

Man-made electromagnetic fields range from extremely low frequency (associated with electricity supplies and electrical appliances) to low, medium, high, and extremely high frequency (mostly associated with wireless communication). The potential effects of these anthropogenic electromagnetic fields on natural electromagnetic fields, such as the Schumann Resonance that controls the weather and climate, have not been properly studied. Similarly, we do not adequately understand the effects of anthropogenic radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation on other natural and man-made atmospheric components or the ionosphere.

It has been widely claimed that radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, being non-ionising radiation, does not possess enough photon energy to cause DNA damage. This has now been proven wrong experimentally. Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation causes DNA damage apparently through oxidative stress, similar to near-UV radiation, which was also long thought to be harmless.

Now besides the posiblilty of EMF affecting our planet, we may have to worry about DNA damage? That’s great, and what about these UFOs/UAPs flying all over the place? Do they create high levels of electro-magnetic fields?

As an investigator I know that people who have witnessed a UFO event sometimes claim they’ve had missing time and are afraid they may have been abducted. But that’s generally NOT the case. Witnessing a UFO up close may expose the witness to high levels of EMF which may lead them to believe they were abducted.

Possible symptoms related to EMFs included:

  • headache
  • tremor
  • dizziness
  • memory loss
  • loss of concentration
  • sleep disturbance
  • depression
  • skin burning and tingling

These symptoms will be misleading when determining if a witness has actually been abducted or has been saturated with EMF.

An article written on “Should you be worried about EMF exposure?” is a really good article and if you have the time, you should read it.

Excerpt from article:
Most of us are used to the electronic conveniences of modern life. But few of us are aware of the possible health risks presented by the gadgets that make our world work.

Our power lines, cellphones, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, computers, and other appliances send out a stream of invisible energy waves. Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are produced anywhere electricity is used, including at home and in the workplace.

So, we’re kinda F-ing ourselves here, but what about UFO’s? Are they safe? We don’t know at this time if the occupants themselves may or may not have an intent to harm us, but what about their vehicles? Their technology? The energy they use while studying us, could that be harmful?

I know EMF is involved in UFO landings, because I’ve measured it.
I know EMF is involved in Animal Mutilations, because I’ve measured it.
I know EMF is involved in Balls of Light events, because I’ve investigated it.
I know EMF is involved in human/alien contact, because I’ve witnessed it.

So are UFO’s/UAPs contributing high levels of EMF to our planet? During investigations and events I’ve personally witnessed:

  • Vehicle engine dying.
  • Vehicle battery drained.
  • Equipment battery drained.
  • Cell phones reset to factory settings.
  • Loss of memory.
  • Fatigue, nausea, dizziness and skin tingling.

All symptoms of high levels of EMF. So the answer would “Yes”. The UFOs/UAPs are emitting high levels of EMF.

In a world where we are becoming more and more reliant on technology, we’re surrounding ourselves in heavy electro-magnetic fields. If visitors from outside this planet are adding high levels of EMF to our atmosphere, then the combination of our EMF generated technology and their EMF generated technology could have adverse effects on our planet.

The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the (ELF)
Extremely Low Frequency portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Over time saturating our atmosphere with EMF could not only have an effect on our climate but our health too! Are we so worried about Fossil Fuels destroying this planet that we may be jumping from the pot into the frying pan? Going from bad to bad or bad to worse? If we disrupt our planet’s Magnetic Field, then it’s “game over”! Done, nothing we can do.

So, should we be worried about UFOs messing with us and what their technology is doing to our planet, or should we be more worried about what our technology is doing to us and our planet?

That’s a good question, maybe the best answer is, “Both”.

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FAA – 5G and aviation safety.

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