Accurate Prophecies of E.T. Contactee Billy Meier’ with Michael Horn

Accurate Prophecies of E.T. Contactee Billy Meier' with Michael Horn


The UFO and Alien Episode to Conquer All UFO and Alien Episodes  

If you watched that new Jennifer Lawrence-Leonardo DiCaprio movie on Netflix about the asteroid… might or might not want to listen to this podcast.  

Switzerland’s Billy Meier has been communicating with ETs since he was a toddler. He’s been taking down notes and messages from them ever since. He’s been on-board multiple ships. He’s taken crystal-clear, scientifically-tested photographs of the flying saucers. And they’ve been teaching him about spirituality, consciousness, the order of the cosmos, science, love, and pretty much everything else you can imagine ever since.  

That’s not even the weird part.  

If you look at his notes (The Prophecies), and really take the time to study everything Billy has transcribed since the middle of the 20th century, these Plejarens have been calling way-too-accurate world events out ever since. Decades in advance.  

In this two-part series, UFO Expert and American Representative for Billy Meier, Michael Horn, gives Greg a massive head-spin of cosmic knowledge that’s so intense, he may never recover.  

Michael has researched UFOs for 42 years, is also an international lecturer, award-winning documentary filmmaker, and a former SETI team member.

The Billy Meier contacts answer the always unasked question in UFOlogy, “If the contacts are real, what’s the…reason for them?” Michael believes the answer is that the Meier contacts are the…key to our future survival.

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